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Wondering what the rules and laws are about this. In the D.R. it is pretty open to smoking in the airport, in public and most areas of the resort.

Is it the same in Jamaica?…..

hmm….I know a few in my group are a little wary about the water.I didn’t expect to have any bottled water in the room if the water is safe to drink, but I just kinda guessed that they would provide bottled water at the bar’s etc.

Sounds like any bottled water we want, we will have to purchase just like back home. Kinda crappy. If you don’t have to pay for pop or juice or liquor, it would be nice if bottled water was included with that…….imho…….

I am hoping to go twice this year..still looking for a good last minute to the D.R in April perhaps….

No kids here to put through hockey either….lol ;D

don’t know about any resorts that are 100% smoke free…but they have certainly cut back over the years on when and where you can smoke.

If you are worried about it, don’t be. If you wanted to smoke you still can, but if you don’t want to be around it or smell it, it’s pretty easy to avoid at the same time…..

wow..what I wouldn’t give to win a trip south!And you are lucky..the NH Real is a great resort, as I stayed there two years ago. I am looking forward to my stay at the Bahia here…stayed at Bahia’s twice in Punta Cana and had nothing but good things to say.

When are you heading down to this resort?

thanks for the info and tips..sounds about the same as most Bahia’s… I am not too worried. It’s not long now and then I will have a firsthand report of it……..
awesome for you..hope you enjoy!
Club Class on Air Transat is great…so at least you have a great start to your vacation….the rest should be fine too…..
Hey sugarwayne,Glad to hear that it looked good. I am attending a travel show in Moncton this week, but there isn’t anything about this resort though.

That being said, I know the Bahia chain is great so I am pretty comfortable with my decision. I will be posting a through review when I get back for sure!

Well I haven’t been to Jamaica yet, but am going in a few weeks. Have had friends, co-workers and family go there and all rave about it.I wouldn’t be going normally, but it was about the same price that I paid to go to the DR last year, to go to the Bahia in Jamaica this year. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I LOVE the D.R., so when I get back I will be able to give you some first hand advice and impressions as to which I prefer……

Where did you hear this? Was it on the TA site or? I would be very surprised if this was the case. Perhaps no mini-fridge in the room, but I can’t see them making you buy water for a week.

Then again, the water in Jamaica is supposed to be safe to drink, unlike the Dominican for example, so maybe they don’t provide bottled water for free?! I am curious to see a response to this!!

Have been to the Dominican a few times, and this still seems to be the case. It’s sad for sure and with the earthquake today that rocked Haiti, I feel especially sad for that country…….
Good to hear that u would return. Was talking to someone on the Dominican board here and they stayed at this resort and then they Bahia in Punta Cana and like the Jamaican location better. And I know the Bahia in Punta Cana is nice as I have stayed there twice… really looking forward to this trip!….
This resort has many comments posted about the great snorkelling….many pics and reviews on TA. It’s one thing that most people seem to agree about and give a thumbs up about at this resort……
I normally travel to the D.R. as well and will be taking the same type of things. Some small trinket type stuff as well as a few dollars per day. Normally I leave $2-3 for the maid and $2-3 in the mini-bar to keep it well stocked.

If there is anything different i should be doing, I hope i hear from someone on here about it……..

Yes..this is slower for Jamaica than TA…but if you visit the Domincan Republic section it’s WAY busier……

I am heading to Runaway Bay on Feb….1st trip to Jamaica and looking forward do it. When abouts in Feb are you going?

Must be a way to check out prices on the Fed ex website…but I know that we have upgraded to Club Class for our flight down, which allows us to bring an extra 50 pounds or so…….so when you factor in the extra perks you get with this cost, it would be like delivering the stuff for free……
you mentioned it was hot hot hot… Is it hotter there than other places such as Cuba or the DR in your opinion?It seems alot of people comment about how hot it is there, and easy to burn etc. I haven’t been anywhere but the D.R so trying to compare….

Sucks to hear about the ketchup….lol. I have it with breakfast, lunch and supper…..

from what I noticed in the reviews, it seems like alot of the negative ones were earlier on. There are always going to be some bad ones, but it seems like things are working better there now.My TA was there in August, and said that there was nothing to be worried or concerned about.

Keep in mind, nothing will be perfect and it has alot to do with how you treat the experience/situation that arises…..

The defn need to do something…..not sure what will work. Based on my experience’s, I have just joined the game. Don’t have much choice if you want a good seat or if there is a certain section you want to sit in.

If they can’t implement something to fix the problem, they need to spend the money on more chairs!

I agree it’s slow. I normally use the Dominican portion of Debbie’s and there is a wealth of info and people posting replies.I don’t know if it’s just that people who go to Jamaica don’t care, or could it be that for every 100 people that go to the Dominican, there is only 1 that goes to Jamaica.

No idea…….

For anyone that has stayed here before…can you give me some insight on the weather?Seems like alot of comments about the wind…is it that windy all the time?Also from pictures I have seen, alot of them seem pretty overcast and cloudy?!I don’t expect sun all day every day, but any comments on the weather?


Anyone ever try the Jerk Chicken Sauce that is put out by Loblaws? It’s in a blue labeled bottle, in the marinade section. I have been tempted to pick it up and try it, but don’t know how good it is or how close it would taste to the real thing.
Try it out and tell us what you think of it And I did… as hell. I like spicy food…but this was crazy hot. Is this what it’s like in Jamaica? Is there like a mild and a hot jerk sauce or?

Defn going to try it either way when I am there… ;D

Group of 14 so far from Atlantic Canada heading out. Anyone else going to be there around this time? Some good deals still now available for around $1200 plus taxes…

Love to hear if anyone else is going…all in our mid-30’s here and looking forward to a good time…

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