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I’m trying to book a 4 star for around $1000 per person taxes included with a dec 27th departure. Will I see those kind of prices soon? That is one of the most expensive weeks of the year (if not THE most) – if you do find that kind of price for a decent 4*, it will be awesome! Unexpected in my books, but awesome for you!

I found it…..out of Toronto at least.

Small print is everything..but its still there as an option.WestJet also offers it, and I have claimed it for 3 different flights now. I also often rebook hotels 4-5 times before I actually arrive based on price drops and savings.

Yes you have to stay on top of it…but they are big companies and don’t owe you anything or care. It’s up to you to find the deals, the price drops and stay on top of it.

I see Sunwing and a few others have the "free" price drop guarantee as well as reduced deposits required to book. As well, flights are BOGO with Sunwing for sun destinations.It looks like all these deals are effective mid-Dec, at least with sunwing.I have a feeling these will be the kind of deals they offer over price drops, unless demand is wayyyy down.

Not sure where your flying out of or where in Cuba you want to go,but there are a few resorts just over the $1000 mark now with a Dec 27th departure date out of Toronto…book it and take the free price drop…’s a win win.

At some point I would have given up and either booked with another card or not booked at all.And then called Scotiavisa the next day(as it sounds like you spent a day dealing with this crap) and let them have it and/or canceled the card.When things go wrong dealing with big companies and/or call centers…they tend to go REALLY wrong….

Hope the trip is better than the booking process.

I wasn’t surprised to hear about "slow holiday sales" but I was surprised to read they would already be parking planes.

Seems like we aren’t going to benefit from less demand based on our low low dollar value. Less offerings will keep prices high, and then as the dollar starts to go up and the economy improves, they will just increase availability and not pass along any of the savings to us little people.

Northumberland Strait…."warmest waters north of the Carolinas" is how they try to get people in the water here…..doesn’t work for me…haha

I grew up in NFLD, where if you wanted to swim, you kept your clothes on it was so cold…..I never got used to it.I guess with so many trips south to amazing beaches and warm waters, anytime I visit a beach in NB I am disappointed and the water seems so cold and yucky.

I usually visit a beach once every 2 years here, and that’s usually cause I have friends or family who want to go there. It’s not my thing. But once I am away south, I love it!

Cruising is amazing for all the reasons mentioned above! I usually gain 10 pounds on average during a cruise…I go all out.I have been converted from AI’s to cruising since my first cruise in 2013….

Last trip to Cuba I gained 2 pounds…

WestJet seems to have pretty "normal" and reasonable flight times. I had 6 full days plus I arrived around 3pm the first day and left around 10 am the last day….so I had 7 days minus about 5 hrs at the resort overall…no complaints there.

I just got back from Cuba, and I can say that I would defn go again during the summer if I was to take a weeks vacation in the summer again! I usually save all my weeks though for winter travels to get away from our terrible winters.You cant beat the price, the weather, resort was full but not crowded. And while it was almost as hot in NB when I got back as it was in Cuba, that is not the norm. We had a terrible summer last year and this summer hasn’t been great. We have had about 2 nice weeks so far.

And swimming anywhere around NB I consider cold and not enjoyable compared to being south. No comparison!

I just got back and the exchange is brutal….but then again it goes with the USD, so that hasn’t changed. Just the value of our crappy dollar has.

As for fav resorts, been to the area twice. Tryp was very nice and a bit bigger and active, Memories(when I was there it was Blue Bay) was much smaller and quieter and laid back if your looking for that.

I just attended a wedding in Santa Clara, and most brought cards with cash or gift cards. Pretty hard to bring anything else. Depends as well I guess as some people have a get together with family and friends who couldn’t attend as well once back home.

I feel that when you spend thousands to attend someone’s special day, that in and of itself is worth way more than some $5 card and a gift they may or may not use.

I hear you….when in Varadero walking distance is defn nice, but for the deal you got, you can put that money saved from your good deal towards some CUC’s for cab rides into town and then do some walking from there!…haha

I will be interested to hear what its like now as it was just over 2yrs ago that I was there….but no complaints here from me at that time!

It was a good basic resort when I stayed there back a few years ago for the price. It was my first experience staying below a 4 star and I had no issues. Only thing I noticed was much smaller and less food at the buffet. But food at the snack bar at the pool made up for it.Pools were great, beach was nice, had no issues with my room at all. Was actually surprised at how bug the rooms were. The villas were nice, but wouldn’t make or break my stay.

Enjoy…..I just got back from Cuba and believe you me, I would love to be back at any resort there right now!

That does pi** me off. I understand though that the dollar has dropped quite a bit, so it does make sense.But at least be fair, and dorp the fuel surcharge that was brought in because oil went over $100/barrel. Well its been under than now for months, so at least play fair.

But we all knew this was going to happen with our low CAD…

I really hope it takes longer than a shorter period of time…for my own selfish reasons.

However, political landscapes can change and if the Republican’s win the election next year in the US, most of the candidates seem like they are not as open as Obama and would stop or at least slow down the normalization of ties to Cuba.

That’s a good point that I hadn’t really considered. If there is a slow down for a period of time from American tourists in other Caribbean countries as many will want to visit and explore Cuba, perhaps prices may come down a little elsewhere.

Time will tell. I have nothing against American tourists at all, some of the most friendly I meet in my travels. But I enjoy Cuba the way it is now for many reasons that I can see changing once an influx of American tourists can freely visit.

Carnival cruises just announced they are looking at doing week long cruises to Cuba, pending approval from the Cuban government.Prices starting at around $3000/week USD….double what they charge for a week long cruise to the D.R. They are basing the rates on the expected high demand.

Things like this wont bode well for pricing on AI resorts if this kinda demand is actually going to be there.

Well when you have options like Miami Beach, Vegas, California, Daytona Beach along with Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, that’s a lot of options with no need for a passport. But plenty of places to get sun and beach and vacation type villas and resort areas. Not to mention how cheap it is to get to these places when flying within the US.They don’t need to travel as much or as far for those things like us Canadians..I don’t think they need one to cruise either when leaving out of the US? All I know is that compared to Canadians that I talk to, a lot less American’s seem to have passports..
I can see the passport issue being a deal break for some. They don’t need one now to travel to many places, so an extra cost to go to Cuba may not be worth it for many if that is the only place that is requiring that for now.But on the flip side, with all the Cuban’s in America who will be able to go back home to visit family, vacation etc in their home country now, we could demands for hotel rooms, flights and resorts up.

All I know is for now and into 2016 it looks like stats quo on prices for Cuban vacations for us Canadians.

I know for US customers, Apple Vacation is one of the largest and has great deals. I wonder if as Canadians we will be able to take advantage of a Cuban vacation through this company??

Based on that article, I am not interested at all with that kinda pricing, but I know like anything once they have the volume, I think we will see prices come down.

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