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I’ve now posted my 10th video on YouTube. All the vids are from our various trips to Cuba and I’m still not done yet. However my last one is from our recent trip to Los Corales, in Santiago de Cuba. I have a few more to post from this trip, from the entertainment to our day trip into the city, however one thing at a time. This is definitely the place to go in Jan. We had 2 great weeks of sun and snorkeling. Hopefully I’ll get my review up soon. Enjoy.Here’s the direct link to the video

and the link to all the videos (so far) is here

Great pics eeefarm, and it was also great meeting up with you.

Thanks ontgunner for your kind words. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner but we were enjoying Santiago de Cuba, Los Corales for two weeks (and yes I posted the video on you tube a couple days ago). I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Blau. Great place and one I would like to return to some day if the time and price is right.
Well this is a good a time as any to put forward my first post. We’ve been to both and would have no hesitation to return to either one of then. We are little older then you being on the north side of 50 and not really into the night life. If you like to wander, neither place is going to have much to offer unless you take one of the buses into town. As to snorkeling, the Blau is where I fell in love with snorkeling however the reef is getting rather damaged. I understand it’s nowhere near as nice as it was a few years ago. However there were some interesting fish there so still worth it. The Turquesa has some really nice reefs to explore but they are way out (about 1km) It’s not very deep but it does take a while. Two options there would be to get one of the hobby-cat guys to take you out and drop you off (maybe come back and get you) or book one of the paddle boats (with an anchor) and head out. Just make sure the water is reasonably still otherwise you’ll be chasing the boat more then snorkeling (from my experience last month). From the couple of days I did get to see it was worth the effort. There may be good diving from both, that I wouldn’t know. There will be kids at both but in the Turquesa they will mostly be down by the kids pool (there are five) and there is even a separate kids area. While there seemed to be a lot when we were there they didn’t seem to bother us. Yes we like kids but we also like to get away too. A comment was made about the noise at the Blau and that’s true. If your room faces the stage or the pool/24 hour bar it can get a bit loud. The Turquesa on the other hand has a lot of trees around so we found it exceptionally quiet, but it is twice the size. The stage also has it’s own building whereas the Blau’s is an open air so the sound does travel well. Food and staff at both are good. The Turquesa has a bit more to offer but the Blau has more of a family feel to it. I"m not sure helped but either way you can’t go wrong. Our TA has always requested a quiet room for us and we’ve been lucky so far.

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