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Hi CuGeorge, I can’t really make a recommendation as I really didn’t do much research. I was very lucky about a year ago and won the GoPro, which I absolutly love using. It’s easy to use and the interface between it and my iPod and iPad is great. My wife now uses the Olympus TG-2, all the first video is with her camera. ‘m hoping will work better then the last two Fujifilm Cameras, which only lasted two years each. and really only used for snorkelling, I think the salt is really hard on them. Which is something that should be considered as well.

Well after 4 months I finally managed to finish part 1 of the snorkeling video. The variety and abundance gave us lots to look at. And there are still a few fish I haven’t been able to identified yet. For those of you who are curious about the snorkeling there, here it is. These were taken over a two week period in Jan 2015. Here’s the youtube link

Great pics! Still working on ours from our Jan trip there. There was so much this time.

I’ve used the pacsafe (stashsafe version) for a few years now and wouldn’t think of traveling without it. It’s not to bulky but I use it from the beginning of my trip to the end to keep what few valuables I do carry safe. I also use it at the beach a lot as it’s large enough to keep my camera safe and out of sight. One of the advantages is I don’t need to burden someone I just met with having to watch my stuff while we’re in the water snorkelling. We also have one of the travel lockers. It’s a little heavier so if we’re concerned about weight, it sometimes gets left behind, however has does come in handy at times too, particularly when the beach is extra busy/crowded. We don’t use them as a substitute for the room safe but they do give us peace of mind when we are out enjoying the water.

At the end of Sept we spent a great week at Melia Cayo Guillermo. The review got posted shortly after but these vids take extra time. A few weeks ago we booked a return trip, this time to the Sol (next door to the Melia) so we’re off again next week. It was a bit unplanned but considering how nasty the weather has turned lately, we’re really looking forward to it. Can’t wait to get back on the beach!Anyway here’s the vid of the Melia

And of course the snorkeling vid. I have to play a little bit more with the settings on the GoPro though as the wonderful turquoise water put it’s own colour correction in (to much green!) The Olympus and Camera mask did fine.

Well I look forward to trying the Cuban version, but I’m sure it’s not easy to get. It now become a running joke for us to see it offered but never available. We’ll keep looking 🙂 part of the adventure.

We just returned from the Melia Cayo Guillermo. Our first time there and had an great week (review will follow soon) However while we were there enjoying the a la cart, Cheese cake was on the dessert menu. I’ve seen cheese cake many times on the menu at many resorts, but never available. (I know, it’s Cuba)

What I’d like to know is, has anyone actually had cheese cake in Cuba?

Just a side note regarding the garden gloves. When we were in Chiverico last January we went into the local cuc store and saw a pile of dollar store gloves for about 50cents I remember thinking at the time it was cheaper there then at home.

Thanks. Maybe next time we meet up we’ll chat longer. We’re still hoping to get away sometime this fall but at the moment to much is happening to make a decision as to when, even with all the great deals right now (but maybe soon). Loved the RPT too. Have a great trip!


I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. This was the very first resort we went to when we started visiting Cuba, and we loved it. And while we weren’t planning on returning we were redirected there after Hurricane Sandy. If anything we thought they improved and we still had a great time. Didn’t try the Diamond Club but I’m sure it’s good. One reason why we don’t like to go to Varadero is the lack of snorkeling, so I suspect the opportunity to scuba is even more limited.

Thanks all.The music was sung by the "Trio Con Estilo". They played in the Lobby almost every evening as well as a few other groups. That’s one of the things we enjoyed about this resort, the live music. Such talented musicians and great to listen to. Not only am I building up a collection of videos but I seem to be working on a collection of local music 🙂 , but then I need music for my videos too, can’t keep on repeating the same songs.

As to a review, I’ll try and get one up in a few days.

Well it’s been a few months since we’ve been back from the Iberostar Ensenachos and I’ve finally finished my videos. We were there the end of April celebrating my 60th and had a fabulous time. It’s certainly a resort I’d love to go back to, if the budget allows. The first vid is of the resort itself

and the next two highlight the snorkeling we enjoyed. The first one

was done by using the Olympus Stylus TG-2 .

For the second one (mine) all the pictures were taken with the Liquid Image Dive mask (a little overkill as I can’t go underwater but great camera). The video was done using the GoPro 3 Silver. I’d appreciate it if anyone can tell me who my little friend is at the end of the video. Kinda got me stumped.


Soroa was still the house wine at the Brisas Sierra Mar the last 2 January’s when we were there. It seemed to taste a little bit better this year than last, but then maybe I cared less. It certainly helped the sales of the other wines that were available.

We only heard about Legendario because of this forum, so when I saw it at the cigar shop in Cayo Santa Maria I had to buy it. (about 10.70 CUC) That was the end of April. Just tried it a few nights ago and it was wonderful. Thanks for the heads up.

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