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Roatan is also on my radar this year. I love to snorkel and my boyfriend loves diving, so i, sure thats the place to go. I just hope the prices comes down a little so that we can aford the Media luna resort.

I have one question,do we land on the island, or do we take a ferry there ?

I was there in January, both my boyfriend and I got a really bad cold that needed medical attention. I work in health care, so i know full well the hygene precaution, but still we both got sick, but trought no fault of the resort. It just that some people are sick and go to the buffet and use the spoons to take food after they just cough in there hands….. and stuff like that. It cant be helped.Just carry a small hand sanitizer with you, you’ll be fine. And no upset tommy for anyone that i meet while there.

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