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Hi. We are just back from a cruise and I was dizzy a lot and just not feeling myself at all. So, next time we will be vacationing at a resort. My husband wants to go to an all-inclusive. Is it worth it? Tell me everything I need to know about all-inclusive resorts. Thanks.

Hi. We used Westjet from Moncton to Toronto to Miami for a Carnival cruise. The head phones that they use is the 1 prong and it plugs into the end of your arm rest. You can bring your own (like I did) or buy them (like my husband did) for $3 Cdn. I hope this helped.

Yes, I would order it the night before if you want it in the morning. On Carnival Liberty, there was free coffee next to the buffet all the time.

My husband and I were on Carnival Liberty in Nov, 09 and yes water is available…and free as well. There are the 1 litre bottles in your room that you can buy for $3.50 I think. Around the buffets, there are free coffee, tea, ice tea, fruit juices and water along with ice. The water is not bad. It tastes a little like chlorine, but at least it is free. It is available 24/7. We also had free soft ice cream 24 hours a day.

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