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A friend of mine went on a vacation to Cozumel this past November. Upon his return he was extremely ill and thought it was due to perhaps eating or drinking something when he was away. These symptoms passed and then he had an unexplained swelling in his foot that also went away. After the swelling in his foot subsided he developed extreme pain and swelling in his right arm and wrist. After visiting the emergency department and them prescribing antibiotics and pain killers and anti inflammatories for the immediate symptoms they ordered blood work and the tests have come back inconclusive. There were slightly increased levels of some cells but other wise nothing significant.Has anyone experienced or heard of anything like this upon their return?Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hello Everyone!I’m interested in knowing if anyone’s been to this resort lately. We are booked to go the last week of January and I can’t see many recent pictures or posts.I have travelled to Holguin on a previous trip and stayed at the Grand Playa Turquesa. We went to the Guardalavaca market and saw this resort from the beach so I’m looking forward to experiencing it this time.I have been reading that there was significant damage to the whole area and that the hotel is trying to get everything running as quickly as possible.I’m very excited to get back to Cuba as I had a fantastic time on my prior visit. I go with an open mind and just enjoy the time away from home.So thanks in advance to anyone with any updates. I’ll be sure to post a review when I come back.
Hello Halle,We took a 4 night cruise aboard the Carnival Sensation in January. The ship departed from Port Canaveral and had two stops, one in Freeport and one in Nassau Bahamas. On board the ship all purchases go on your Sail and Sign Card. You settle the account at the end of the trip. We used our Amex and they automatically charged it. There was a $10/day/person tip added automatically. All of your meals are included and there’s no lack of food to be eaten. You could also have free coffee/tea/lemonaide/ice tea and fruit punch. You pay for alcoholic beverages and fountain pop and bottles of water. Every purchase has a 15% gratuity added onto it. We did not pay for port charges. If you want to go on shore excursions you can arrange them on the ship and they go on your account. We could leave the ship and return without paying any charges.

If you want a good place to get more information go to

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the updates! I’ll mention the benefits to my husband. The road finally getting paved is great news! I heard they were not so hot before. I did notice the price difference and wasn’t sure if it was worth it but I guess the category being ‘grand’ has something to do with it. My husband doesn’t like to go with any other tour operator than Air Canada Vacations so we’re kind of limited with what we can choose.

Time will tell though……

Excellent! I think this is the place for us! I’ll be sure to check out the eco tours you have recommended. I think my husband will be ok going to the Casino ONCE whicle we’re there. It’s not a priority for me but he likes to play slots. I’m more interested in hiking, swimming, relaxing and reading a book. Great News! Thanks!

Thanks for the encouraging news and website link! I’ll be sure to do some more research! I thought that some people might get the two mixed up with the names being so similar. You mentioned them being across the bay from each other. Is the set up something similar to a ‘hotel strip’ having several resorts along the same coast like in Punta Cana or Varadero? It’s so hard to tell from a brochure. Either way I think we’d be fine. I just want somewhere to relax, go on a some eco tours and enjoy quality time away from the hustle and bustle of life in Toronto. Thanks for responding.

I’m doing research into this resort and haven’t really seen much feedback on it. We are thinking of going in January 2007. Has anyone been? I heard horror stories of the roads going from the airport in Liberia to the resorts and that you should quadrouple your travel time??? My husband likes to go to casino. Is there one in the proximity? Any feedback is much apprecitated.

Thanks for the link. We just returned from Nassau and had a great time. We walked around the town and the headed over to Atlantis. Our day was well spent walking around and shopping.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on where to go for information on Bahamas? It doesn’t look like anyone’s been to Nassau to comment on what to do.

Well we finally booked our vacation. Decided on a cruise leaving from Orlando with two stops, one in Freeport for the day and another 24 hour stop in Nassau. We’re going the second week of January. Any suggestions on things that one must see or do? Not quite sure what the weather will be like either but I’m hoping that it will be nice enough to relax on the beach???? Has anyone been at this time?

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