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Thanks Terry, my friends finally booked for Varadero and take one day Havana trip from the hotel. I let you know when they return in July.

Thanks. Do you know any American tourists boarding a plane from Canada to Cuba? Do they have any issues from Canada ticket agents (Air Canada, Sunwing, Air Cubana) or Canada custom.

I have US friends coming to Montreal in July. They will fly to Varadero and want to visit Havana for 2-3 days. Do you know any web link from Varadero that selling the 2-3 days Havana tour. Which hotels in Havana that center to everything. Thanks for your input.

I think McDonald’s has better coffee than Tim’s, but on the whole I don’t care for any of the product at fast food places. And I can’t abide coffee in paper cups!
You are right, ask for premium coffee at McDonald

Buying to get a job is common in third world countries. A bartender makes 100cuc and more including the tip , the supervisor makes 40cuc base salary. Do you think the supervisor stupid, he wants his share!!!

back in the day we did bring gloves for gardeners and after some time when we got to know the folk…they were honest & told us they are much too hot to wear – so we never brought them again. In all the resorts we’ve been to after that, we really have never seen any gardener wear gloves …..just to give an example. I did the same many years ago. Gave gloves, which were gratefully received and put on (for show), and were gone the next day (whether to use at home, or to sell, I was never quite sure). Gave a bare headed gardener a hat one day. He thanked me and put it on. I went to my room, out on my balcony, looked down and saw my again bare headed gardener gratefully receiving another hat from someone else. He had the grace to look embarrassed when I passed by him a few minutes later, and said he liked my hat better and was "saving it". Sure, but he was working bare headed again the next time I saw him.

4E, I guess he may passed it to one of his children or end up in the flea market (he got some peso so it is acceptable). After searching hard for a right person ( size, nice character…) my wife gave a resort worker a nice dress. Later she told us her mother liked the dress very much so she gave the dress to her. My wife somewhat disappointed but I thought it is OK because it is still in the family instead of sleeping in my house closet. Heading to Paradisus, Holguin in 12 days I will take all of your advices. Thanks

I always bring shoes for all ages, clothes from 1-15 years. I bought those from local churches for 50cents to $2.00 in excellent conditions. I found shoes are very expensive over there compared with the price that I paid. I give them to gardeners,lobby cleaning staff and front desk people. I tip others with CUC about 40-50CUC for a trip.

Yes, They make profit by bring in goods but for the purpose to support their families. For the embargo to be honest I can not find the reasons why the two countries are still miles apart (do not tell me about human right). You and me can be friend but only interest between two countries.

This happens everywhere from 2* to 5* resorts. I need the shade that why I return to the same resort that I know the beach chair. Between 9.30-10 I am at the beach.

I bring stuff to help them to cope with daily life not to make them to smell good (perfume, lipsticks, nylon stocking…). I heard from many resort staff if he received many gifts he will be asked to share with other people. The management is not stupid. they know how much a barman and a gardener earned and he knew his salary too.

Just returned from Santa Clara last night. At duty free they charged 1CUC for a heavy duty plastic bag to place bottles inside and the casher would sealed the bag. Once it sealed if you want another bottle you have to pay another 1CUC again. Any explanation for this new rule??

Today The Bay has one day luggage 75% off . I went look for a carry on with 20in long as required by Canjet/Transat instead of 21.5in with the other airlines. I have four 21.5in long carry on luggage at home but do not want to look stupid at the Canjet/Transat ticket counter. Did you ever to be asked to put your carry on in the metal fixture or metal box?The one I like is $160.00 after sale only 40% off so I decide to use my gym bag which is much smaller.
Spunky,this is true for every corner in the world. Here we got the best fresh fruit (pineapple, mango, water melon) the best sea food……. and the second class went to the locals.

Debbie members please avoid eating potatoes when you are in Maritime provinces!!!!

Looking to buy time share at 5* Cuba resorts. Do you know any that offer that? I know DR offers that option at every resorts but never see that in Cuba.

Searching for a package to Cuba or DR for 4.5* resort in mid November 2013 the price is high compared to this time of the yaer last year. Any explanation???

I have a US friend wants to go to Havana taking pictures. He will fly out from Montreal. Does he need a Visa prior to arrive at Cuba airport?. I know Cuba do not stamp on the passport do you think any problem that can happen to my friend when he returns to the US. Thanks.

When you fill up your gas tank in the US they ask for your zip code. To save a trip to the cash do a trick like this. For example if your postal code is M4L 7K3 enter 47300 (just add 00 at the end) It works with Master & Visa cards. Try it and share with us.

Looking for Iberostar Ensenachos in mid September. How far is from the Spa section to the beach. Are there much different between the Park & Spa sections ( We do not mind the children since September most of the kids are back in school). Which side the beach is nicer and less wind. ( Villa or park side). For $200/pp more is it worth to stay at General Villa side. Thanks for your help

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