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Hi Im new here (long time poster at Debbies Dr site)now im lookn to try something new,, and Im very interested in this resort for winter 08,,and I have a few questions,,, I see the beach doesnt compare to Punta Cana butcan you snorkel from the resort or is there snorkelling close by??What type of drinks do they have there??is there wildlife on or near the resort??Is there a town with some shopping and stuff within walking distance??and what room style would you recommend on a 2 week stay??im sure i will have more questions.. lol
north or south,, as i can not for the life of me find it listed on a map,,, lol..

i will look for bahia on a map to see if i can find it,,, thanks

really looking at going here this comming winter,,, im tryn to find its location on a detailed map,, to see what its close to,, IE ,, other resorts,, bars ,, Hiway..Shopping ect,,also is it close to Yal-ku lagoon,,,and any other info that anyone would like to pass my way feel free,, i dont mind searching,, but really getting stumped on its actual location
is Cozumel just a dive destination or is good snorkeling also close by,,and if so is it right of the beach or do you need to take a tour to do so??thanks for the help

is there any packages from Toronto? I can not find any listings online !!!!!

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