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Has anyone been recently? We are taking a couple who are cruisers to an all inclusive and want a good quality resort. They aren’t sold on Mexico or Cuba but the Jewel resorts in Jamaica seem to fit the bill for about the same cost as the cruise we took last year.
Is it walking distance to town or some shops? The ladies like to check out the various items, the guys like the beach and the pool.

Air Canada Vacations posted a bunch of good deals for this summer today, $99 plus tax about $550 total for some 4 stars in Cuba (Veradero, Holguin). I’ve paid that for a weekend in the Laurentians. Maybe summer is the time to go.

Travel brochures, chocolate and umbrella drinks for 4 days…could be worse

We aren’t discounting Saint Marten. We were only there for about 6 hours but were intrigued by what we saw. Seems like with two cultures on one island there’s much to explore. Plus someone likes to jewellery shop.
We did go to a travel show this weekend and now we have about 10 lbs. of books to go through so many destinations so little time….

Flew into Halifax the year ‘White Juan’ hit. Were we 12 hours delayed (in Mexico yea!) but when I got to the park and ride all of the cars were buried under 3 feet of snow. There was a guy in a bobcat and you pointed to your car and he dug them out one by one while we waited in the van. Worked well except for the fact the winter gear was in trunk. Those Maritimers know what to do when the snow hits.

Thanks will look into Cabo. Good to hear there are some swimmable beaches. Hawaii may be a bit far from Ontario but my sister swears by it. Only issue is it is in the US and our dollar sucks right now.

We are already starting to plan for next year and there are too many possibilities so I’m looking for suggestions.Can anyone suggest interesting places for a 50 yr. old couple who like beach, half decent food and a chance to walk around in town or tour a bit?We’ve been to:

Greece – GO do the islands it is amazing

Cuba – Cayo Coco, the Colonial was fine but far from anythingMexico 3 times: twice to Playa del Carmen and once to Bucerias the Decameron (Puerto Vallarta). Loved Bucerias liked Playa.Puerto Plata: – just ok but was dirt cheapJamaica – love Negril but stayed in Luceaon recent cruise saw: San Juan – just a big city with a tourist district St. Kitts – liked island Saint Marten – loved what we saw on the Dutch side Cruising is not for us though.

While we’d like to go back to Bucerias there are so many places to see and so little vacation time in the bank.

We did a rainforest/beach tour on a similar stopover 2 weeks earlier. Well worth the $$ a beautiful island but didn’t have enough time to see it all. One more to add to the ever expanding list of future destinations

Just got back from Celebrity Eastern Caribbean on the Silhouette. Was ok but don’t think cruising is my thing. Food is great, the drinks package is a must(we would be bankrupt without), entertainment was very professional for the most part it but I missed the time to wander around towns, the beach and the some room around the pool. There were two pools one indoor one out but getting more than two chairs together was impossible without playing the towel game. Oh yeah and dodging the scooters and canes…we are 49 and 50 but felt young. Still we did close the bars 3 or 4 nights so people do party. And the hard sell of shopping everywhere kind of put me off. Still nothing to really to complain about. Imagine a good five star all inclusive where you can’t leave the property and that’s what you get.

It’s so bad that for this New Years Eve we bought tickets for a party called ‘Havana Nights’ a Cuban themed event held at one of the museums in Ottawa. Canadian company put it on in a National, Canadian Government owned facility they rented. Pay Pal froze my accounts and a friend’s accounts until I sent them some info to show what was going on. The ironic thing is they base much of their work out of Europe to avoid paying US taxes. It is funny those large corps like Melia Hotels can deal in both countries no questions asked.

We are taking our first cruise on Feb 15 on the Silhouette as well. Got the drinks package (main reason we picked Celebrity) but you are allowed to bring 2 bottles of wine per cabin to be drunk in the cabin. If not they will charge a ‘corking fee’ if you bring to restaurant or other areas.
Enjoy the cruise, we are still not completely sold but who knows.

Trying it for the first time this Feb. Celebrity 123go sale meant we could get the drinks in as well. Still not sure about it but promised friends we would try. They swear by cruising.

One time I was asked by a bartender to exchange Canadian coins for CUC. There was about $7-8 worth of change and I gave hime 10 CUC. Yes I got less than I paid but for the remainder of my stay he made sure I got served first so for a cost of $4-5 which I would have tipped anyway I got superior service. Was it a scam….not really we both benefitted from the transaction.

We are headed here in 2 weeks. Never been to the west side of Mexico can anyone recommend outings, things to see etc in the area?

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