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Wow! That really sucks!I`m hoping that Flight Center comes through for you but I`m often doubtful about these things…I noticed that there are some amazing prices to Cuba from Halifax this year…Have you checked other sites for similar packages? I had my heart set on going back to the DR this April but with the Cuba prices I`m not so sure….

We were there in April…I spent my first few days comparing it to others I had been to but once I got over that I had a great time.I guess my biggest complaint would have been the food selection but I was warned about this before I went…It`s ok but not alot of variety and I found that the way it`s laid out everyone stands in front of the main buffet area while waiting for the grill…This means you either have to butt in front of people or wait in long lines.The beach and pools were great! The beach was just as good as if not better than Punta Cana.It was really hard to get a chair though, unless you get up at the crack of dawn and reserve one with your towel. The entertainment was good as well. Rooms were fine, no real complaints there. The staff was ok…Some were really good, others not so much…The buffet workers were probably the most unfriendly…The snack bars by the pools served pretty good stuff…omelets, club sandwiches and such. There were vendors on the path to the pool everyday and they were very reasonable…Actually I found most prices good compared to the DR.The biggest down fall to this resort is the stairs…If you have any physical issues it`s not the resort to go to…The elevator rarely worked and everything is upstairs…even the buffet. We stayed in the main hotel section and were on the top floor. There was no porter for our bags and we had to climb the lobby steps first, go down a hall way and then climb up 3 floors…Normally I wouldn`t mind this but being 115lbs and trying t0 carry about 60lbs of luggage was challenging.If you stay in the bungalows you could possibly be on the ground floor or only have one flight to climb…They are a bit of a walk from the main hotel where the buffet and stuff is though, so like I said if you have problems getting around it could be very hard.

I had a very similar feeling when I booked my first trip to Cuba this year.Up till then we had only gone to the DR and I love it there. I thought it might be nice to try somewhere new so I booked Varadero for April. I had booked early and for months I was worried that I had a made a mistake and even thought about trying to cancel and head back to the DR. I ended up loving Varadero! I will admit that the resort wasn`t as nice as the ones I`ve stayed at in the DR but I knew when I booked that we had gone from a 4* to a 3* so I expected that.
I`m glad that I tried somewhere new.Now the problem will be where to go next year…back to Cuba or the DR? I guess maybe we`ll let the prices decide:)

Most of the passengers were on board at the time….He kept them on until one of the flight attendents came up with the idea that he let the passengers go if they gave him all their money.They were on board at the time that he fired the shot as well…I cannot even imagine! At least they are home now…

Friends of mine were on the plane! I cannot even imagine!She called home about 7:40 this morning to let everyone know that they were ok.

We just got back from Varadero last week and my 16 year old and our cousin were upset because they couldn`t find the stamp in their passport:) I didn`t know that they didn`t stamp them and certainly didn`t know that you could ask for it…I asked the customs official here and she told us that they stopped stamping so that it would be easier when dealing with the US.

Well in about 48 hours my plane should be getting ready to land in Varadero! This is my first trip to Cuba and I`m crazy excited!Is anyone else getting ready to leave in the next day or so?We`re staying at Agaus Azules and I can`t wait to hit the beach!

Well, two weeks from now my plane will have landed and I`ll probably be on a bus to my resort…It`s going to be a long two weeks!!This is my first trip to Cuba and my son`s first trip south. We are so excited! We`re staying a Aguas Azules…Anyone else heading to Varadero on April 3? We fly out of halifax…

hnd, my nephew wanted to go on the S-Trip to Montreal 2 years ago and his mom checked into it and saw that the chaperones were young 20 somethings and decided against it. Several good friends of his did go, including his girlfriend (they broke up after the trip because of an incident with the girl and another boy at the hotel)and his best friend who stays at my sister`s for the school year.He had alot of stories to tell:0 This trip is geared for education and fun but I can assure you that alot of partying went on there as well.My first clue was when my nephew wanted to go and said he`d be sharing a room with his girlfriend and another couple. These kids are to young to be shacking up together! Yes, I know that many of them are sleeping together but we don`t need to make it easy for them.From what I was told it was pretty much a free for all as far as that type of thing …I know that not all the kids act like this, I certainly hope that mine would be one that would not if he was ever put in the situation…however they are certainly put in a situation where they can pretty much do as they want. The boy I know that went before, also went again this year…I think he gets back today or maybe it was yesterday.I`m sure he`ll have some pretty wild stories to tell again…

There was a whole thread on this last year on several DR forums where many parents and adults supported the trips…The thought was kids will be kids, and we were young once too! I was horrified by some of the comments…I was young not that long ago and I was no angel, far from it! But I also had a bit of common decency and respect for those around me.
I have a 16 year old who is going to Cuba this year, with me! I would never even consider sending him on one of these party trips. One of the comments on the other forum was that "they`re just kids" ( I guess we shuld excuse their behaviour beacause of this) I said that they are kids which is why they shouldn`t go without responsible supervision!

The same thing happens every year at the Bahia Principe in Puerto Plata. We missed them by a week but heard the horror stories! Last year one of the kids came on the forum and told everyone that we know they will be there so we should not take our vacations at this time. I cannot even imagine sending my 16 year old on a trip like this!It`s basically a free for all…

I`m not sure if GoTravelDirect offers Cuba or not but they had some amazing deals for the DR in the last few weeks.

AnneM, he did have to show his stuff at security but we were still very surprised at how slack te staff at the check in were. There were a number of problems with them…they told me that I wasn`t on their list but it turned out that they had already checked in a couple who had my last name under my tickets. I talked to two other people who also had that problem on our flight. I guess it was a bad night for the staff.

Last April we were going to the DR and my hubby dropped me off with our bags and went to the park n fly. I decided to get in the line as it was pretty long and found out that the two women in front of me were waiting for their hsbands as well. The line went really fast and before we knew it we were at the front. The stewards working there told us to come up and we said that our husbands weren`t here yet…they said as long as we had the ticket it didn`t matter. All three of us couples were checked in without our husbands being present…I asked if he had to come and show them his passport when he got there but the guy said no it was fine.I was a bit shocked to be honest and thought so much for security…We were flying AirTransat.

Wow Sunbud!! That`s an amazing deal!! I ended up boking Aguas Azules back in Oct. for this comming April for $900….If I got deals like you, I`d be able to go 5 times a year! Just wondering what you thouht of Aguas Azules? For that price, I`m surprized you even get a bed:) The reviews lately haven`t been to flattering but I`m pretty easy going…I`m used to big resorts with lots of walking and I don`t need 5* decor. I`m mainly going to see Cuba and lay on the beach but I do want clean, friendly and safe!

I`ve used Selloff twice now and am happy with them, but I`ve noticed in the past week that GO Travel Direct has some really great deals…I only looked at deals for March and April, so you`d have to be someone who wouldn`t have to book to far in advance…but the prices did seem to be better than the other sites I`ve been on.

I`m with you Verycoldcanadian!We always go 3hrs early….I`m usually way to excited to sleep before so I just grab a cat nap on the plane and I`m good to go…We live about an hour and a half away from the Halifax airport so I like to give myself lots of time:)

My son plays the Alto Sax and has tons of reeds laying around ( he forgets them home when he goes to school and has to get new ones). We are staying at Aguas Azules in April and would love to take some with us…does anyone know if there is a sax player there or of one in downtown Varadero whom we could give some to?

I always buy insurance when travelling however I have never really paid attention to the ins and outs…I`m just wondering with cancellation insurance what reasons would be valid to cancel your trip? Is it simply medical reasons? If someone loses their job or the person they intend on staying with on vacation for some reason has to cancel would they be covered? Just curious, I`ve never read the fine print or really thought about it before.

We`ve used them the last two years, the pics seem ok to me…Some are a little cloudy but overall they seemed pretty good.

I have a group of friends who were looking back in Nov. for a trip to Cuba over March Break.I`m not sure which part of Cuba they wanted to go to but they said that they were unable to book because the planes were full and couldn`t accomodate them…I think there was 8 of them and they ended up going to Mexico instead. If the planes were booked back then , there probably won`t be alot of deals left to go around…This was out of Halifax though…

If alot of people on your flight have pre-booked their seats, especially if there are any other large groups who pre-booked, then getting to the airport early may not matter. If many seats are pre-booked then the availability just won`t be there…If you really want your whole group to sit together then you should probably just bite the bullet and book the seats…If you`re only worrying about the kids sitting with someone then you should be ok….

You could just pre-book the kids so that they sit together,or put they youngest ones next to an adult…As long as you have the people you`re worried about taken care of, I wouldn`t worry about where everyone else sits.

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