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Most of us are return visitors to the PDRO because no children.
That is what makes the place special. I have no problems with locals on the beach.

I have to pick up our luggage prior to Canada customs then check in with another airline AFTER customs, so it should not be a problem. Thanks for the input.. Leave in 2 days to Melia buena vista : )

We are heading to the MBV in 3 days.. but already thinking of the next trip!Does anyone know anything about the tarpon fishing in Cuba? I believe in catch and release for these beautiful fish!

What about the Paradisius Rio de oro.. Only resort we have ever returned to!
Scuba is included even if you are not a diver, they take you on the shallow dives. Snorkelling is great too right in front of the resort. Only reason we are heading to santa claira MBV is no direct flights out of Vancouver.. We just cant handle 1-2 nights in YYZ

We are heading to Santa Clara for the first time staying at the MBV. I am wondering if we can carry our cuban rum as cabin luggage on our return trip? 2 years ago it was not a problem out of Houlguin.

I did a trcip with my dad who was 80 at the time to the iberostar complex in the mayan..I think we were at the lindo.. Honesty I would try and stick to a smaller resort. Although they offered shuttles etc… it is just too much walking. We did the grand sirenis with him also. It was another big resort..I definately would try and pick a smaller resort with max 250 rooms IMHO

Dolphin enclosure??
That does not sound good… but if People did not pay to see them they would not be held in captivity like that : (

Price is not a factor…number of stars that the resort has is not a factor.They want very good food, service and a small resort.

Since there are direct flights from Victoria bc to either mayan or PV that is why I am focusing on that.

Hi Everyone,I am looking for a smaller resort, not requiring much walking in the mayan or PV area for my Dad. They would like GREAT service and food. They are in their late 60’s

Anyone have any ideas?

Dive boat since time is important if there is an emergency…we have dove with Breezes Jibacoa before. He thought they were VERY safe. My husband is way more experienced than me ( previous comm. diver West coast vanc island) …

Mollygirl, I did send you a pm about the diving at prdo. It sounds like you have decided on that resort. I was waiting for the price to drop first week of Feb It has not happeded yet, I booked last week. I will post a review when I get back

My husband and my Mom (RIP) did a tour booked through the Iberostar resort was good.. tour guide was a little tainted in some areas but all depends who you get.

Yes AnneM ..I will come back and post on PRDO and also submit a review..I have received so much GREAT info from this forum, and I feel it is only righ to give back where I can.Pioneer.. since we both scuba dive that is a factor in the cost too.. Most dives are 50-70$ EACH with gear rental..doesn’t take long to cover the extra cost :-)When we were there last time they were VERY PROFESSIONAL and safe and I am a bit of a scaredy cat on dives…LOL

My husband who was a commercial diver in BC many years ago felt very good about their operation and equiptment, compressor, etc.

Well we bit the bullet and booked.. We both dive and last time we were there we got in 15 dives between us.. Makes up for the extra cost..
Next time I think I will consider the royal hideaway ensenachoes(sp?) looks like they have pretty good snorkelling after reading some of the other reviews. We are looking forward to our return

We were at the prdo 3 years ago and loved it and would consider returning BUT the playa persquerio is 1000$ LESS per couple.. I am wondering if the PRDO is worth the extra $$ since we have never been to PP.
I found a thread on here with resort maps..and dang..I can’t find it again! Could anyone help me out..I am really looking for jamaica resort maps.


We are looking for a resort with snorkelling out front of the resort. We have been to PRDO, Breezes Jicacoa and costa club and really enjoyed that little luxury.. Can anyone recommend a resort for this???

Paradisius Rio de oro was great.. been to Jibacoa too.. PRDO is better
EEEEFARM.. could you tell us what resort you were at in the maldives?

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