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Not that I’d ever get my wife to conisder going, but there’s something to be said for a place with only a few dozen rooms and 300 steps to the beach…
Poverty – I’m talking the metal shacks with tin roofs versus what you might see in Florida.

Beleive me, we would have much rather been in Cuba but that was unwise for us for a variety of reasons, so this was option #2. We spent the week comparing the two places and although we had a great time we missed what we would have enjoyed at an AI.

For a variety of reasons we chose to go to Florida this week instead of going to Cuba. The differences are interesting. – Having to go out to eat instead of just walking to a buffet or some other restaurant.- Noone brought us drinks by the pool.- Only half the number of Spanish speaking people around- The beauty was there, but not the Revolutionary billboards, nor the poverty.We have thoroughly enjoyed our vacation but it was quite different from going to Cuba in 2004 and we are still eager to get back there. We missed the AI experience…

Sigh, two flights today back to Buffalo.

For someone (like me) considering leaving as early as July 1, can I consider this resort to be "less appealing" to book at the last minute? I definitely would not want to book it and arrive and find out they’re shipping me off to a resort in Varadero I have no interest in.

Wow, I never would have thought of that kind of intuitive thinking, thanx for passing that along, and since BJ is on our top ten list, that’ll be great!

Going to Cuba in July I wondered what resorts had the most frigid airconditioning and which ones just bit the dust keeping your room cool!

My apoloiges, I didn’t mean it didn’t affect anyone, I only meant that the grand bulk of Debbie’s users wouldn’t find this information of importance, that’s all. Since a strong portion of Debbie’s users are in Ontario and use those AI’s almost exclusively, an American airline has little to no significance for them. I’m sure even in your neck of the woods the AI’s are used most often.

Although interesting, this has no real effect on Cuba whatsoever. It’s the Canadian & English airlines and charters that affect us here on Debbies.

Yes it is hot, not the best time for tours, but if you are hanging at the resort and enjoying the water it is amazing.
Exactly, I’ll be going to get a relaxing vacation, no tours, no long walks, just pool and reading in the shade. The sweat running off me will be quite welcome, as long as the rooms are air conditioned.

How does air conditioning in the rooms tend to wrok at this time of year?

What’s the best way to book an AI trip online? What sites are the best, which are the cheapest, who gives the best customer service?

This will be a help to all those (like me ;D) looking to book a trip soon.

I was there almost 4 years ago so things may have "deteriorated" a bit, though I’m sure this is still a very nice resort. Go to the Trattoria at lunch for the pizzas, very yummy. And the beer garden has lots of little appetizers anytime youy want.

Don’t worry about a few negative comments, go and enjoy yourselves, it’s on our ,ist for the summer for sure.

ac2, Cuba is horrendously expensive from where we live, so we want to take advantage of the Toronto specials while we’re there. I’m actually looking forward to going in July. When we went in November last time, I was looking forward to laying on a lounger and sweating to death, plunging in the pool, getting out, etc… But because of the constant wind we never got that, even though we had constant 26-29 daytime temps.

Give me a pool and an air conditioned room and I’m happy.

Yeah, I know the options will be limited. That’s why I want a list of 10 or 12 resorts to choose from. The Cayo’s definitely interest me. Althoough I never understand why people are concerned about the length of the ride to the resort. For me, the longer the ride, the longer free tour of the country you get.Honestly I like the larger resort, don’t mind the walking, hoping my meds will be settled by then so it won’t matter where we book.

I’d forgotten about the Blau, heard good things about it.

We’re hoping to go to Cuba in July and can’t book until a few days before we leave. I have a long list of resorts in my mind to choose from but I have to give new consideration to something I’ve never thought of before, so my list is kind of kaput. I have a medical condition now which is sometimes preventing me from walking long distances or doing a lot of stairs, so my first trip to the Playa Pesquero likely won’t be repeated (though I’m hoping!).Here are our needs and wants* size of resort doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not end to end walking or stairs (Los Galeones and the Turquesa in Holguin are likely out, sigh)* must have a nice pool, the bigger the better* ocean front is a must but having the best beach is not a consideration* food choices need to be there, but nice a la cartes are not totally necessary, just a plus* room needs to have queen or king, a fridge with water is always appreciated, and a safe* night life is not important at all, the quieter the better* scenic walks and views are appreciatedWe’re looking at a minimum 3 star, hopefully 4 star, nice to get in a five star (Paradisus Rio de Oro here we come!) so your suggestions are most welcome and coveted.

Thanx in advance!

We too are on a July 5th departure timetable though since we aren’t booking until June 30th or so, BJ is just one of many resorts we’ll have on our list. Pity though, this may put the BJ down on our list even though it’s one of the resorts I’d just love to go to.

And if I want to be reassured about my health, here’s a direct quote from the tourism office as to the ability to drink the islands watrer! I’m sorry it’s so technical and long to read, but we must be reassured!

"The water here is safe to drink."

"Visitors to Statia are welcome at all houses of worship. The following religions have services on the island: Seventh Day Adventist, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Jehovah Witnesses, Bahai Faith, Baptist, Anglican, Apostolic Faith, Pentecostal and World of Faith Ministry."

Hmmm, I fit into two of these, maybe I could start a church!

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