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The excursions are quite moderately priced, in comparison to other islands ($25-60USD) depending on what it is she wants to do. Stuff down there is pretty cheap, again, depending on what it is she’s looking to spend her $ on. American currency would be easiest.

Take a trip over to JOHNNY CAY. You won’t regret it. It includes a stop at pretty much a sandbar for snorkelling, and then takes you to a virgin island for fresh lunch (mmmmmm fresh snapper) and fun in the sun/beach…i guarantee you’ll LOVE it.

You might want to reconsider your vacation spot. It’s not the greatest of areas if you’re looking to be free and walk about to get into town. I’d suggest you look right in the South Coast…Silver Sands is more Southeast…closer to the airport than the tourist area (unless that’s not what you’re looking for).

Hey Sungod…Miami beach is quite a beautiful beach and the area you will be in is far enough away from the hussle and bustle, but still close enough to head into town should you so desire. I’ve been to Barbados a number of times and absolutely ADORE the island. The south coast is the coast you want to be on if you want a lot to do. That’s mainly the mainstream tourist coast. The West Coast is more posh and pricey, with more R & R than adventures to embark on. Don’t get me wrong, my family has a house on the West coast and it’s absolutely beautiful, although I wouldn’t recommend any other coast but the SOUTH for people travelling looking to have a blast. There are plenty of moderately priced restaurants/bars/clubs on the South Coast (no idea how old your "kids" are), but if they’re at an age where nightlife is important, the south is definitely the best choice! You definitely have to go to Oistin’s fish fry on a Friday night (fresh fish cooked up right before you, accompanied by music and wonderful people gathering to have a good time)!

If you have any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to ask. Hope this helps.

Back and feeling the Caribbean withdrawl already Thought I’d jot down a few words for those who might be considering travelling to the West Coast of Barbados. This was my 6th trip to Barbados thus far (with many more to come), but my first time residing on the West Coast while there. Each time I’ve visited I’ve stayed on the South Coast in Christ Church, which is where the hardcore tourism and partying is at. This trip down was different than all those that preceded it. Talk about rest and relaxation! I did not stay at a resort, but a private residence that belongs to my family so I have no resort reviews…just thoughts on this side of the island. Mullins Bay is a beautiful beach for anyone who wants to know. Heywoods Beach is also quite beautiful although the shorelines have much more shells/pebbles then other beaches I have been to. It is quite a long beach so it’s perfect for long walks, and completely safe to walk at night. I wouldn’t recommend doing it alone, with a friend/significant other, or whoever you might be travelling with. The sunsets on this side of the island are just glorious. Speightstown is a fun, historical little town with an incredible amount of character and warmth. Holetown is another quaint town where there are more bars and tourists (if that’s what you’re looking for). This side of the island tends to accommodate families and couples, so if you’re looking for an area that is conducive to meeting people for rendezvous, I wouldn’t recommend this side of the island for you. This side is completely R & R at it’s best! Luckily for me, I have friends on the island who have vehicles, and so travelling to the south coast to party wasn’t a problem, but if you’re planning on staying on the West and commuting to the South for partytime you’re looking at about $50USD for a one way trip to the other coast. Should cost you the same for a taxi from the airport to the West Coast, unless you have shuttle service provided by your hotel. This time around my friend took my brother and I to a club called Club Extreme for an 8th Year Anniversary Bash for the radio station he works for. What a party! I was a little disappointed that we were heading to an indoor club, since it is just fabulous to party under the stars at places like the Reggae Lounge, Harbour Lights, and the Boat Yard. Baku (on the West coast) used to rockin’ as well, although it is now closed due to financial and other problems that the owner was allegedly having. Regardless, the night @ Club Extreme was awesome!! It was more of a local night, and being of the "white" persuasion, we were given some cut-eye and had some people try to intimidate us, which didn’t work because we’ve travelled to the islands so much and eventually people saw that we were just there to have a good time. *sigh* I could go on forever really…loved it, loved it, loved it. So my main point of this review really…if you’re looking to party and meet other tourists, you should definitely head to the South coast. If you’re looking for R & R, the West is best. Other then that…if you have the $ and the time, I would highly highly recommend doing all kinds of tours and seeing the entire island because it truly is a slice of paradise. Harrison’s Cave, Bathsheba, etc. are all places visitors NEED to see. If you have any specific questions about Barbados, please don’t hesistate to reply to this post, or send me a private message. Happy Travelling in 2006!
Hey there…have never been to the actual hotel, but I know which one you’re talking about…for more information: Which town is it that you’re looking to get to?? Hastings, Bridgetown?? The beaches across all of Barbados are gorgeous so you should have no concerns with that. The hotel you’re looking at is located right in St. Lawrence Gap which is pretty much the party strip! If you’re looking for quiet evenings, this definitely is not a good idea for you.

Let me know if you have further questions/concerns.

I don’t know whether you’re staying at a resort/hotel or private residence, but on average, depending how much and how often you eat…you should budget for about $40-50 USD/day. And that’s being modest. If you”re planning on skimping on food, you could get by on $30USD/day. Remember that the it’s 2:1 US:BDS dollars.

Hope this helps.

Hey there…just read through your posting and thought I could add some enlightening information (of sorts)…I’ve been to Barbados on MANY occasions, and most recently, returned from a Christmas vacation there on Dec 30th, 2005. Not sure whether you will be staying at a resort that has food available, or whether you will be using a hotel room w/kitchenette etc. If you have access to make your own food, that would be highly recommended! Beachlover mentioned that they went to OPA for dinner…that is one of the higher priced restaurants. For cheaper food, you’ll have to stick to local pubs/food spots (which are plentiful)…OISTINS is an ideal night out for dinner, although the night to go there is Friday. You can get relatively cheap food at the pubs/restaurants @ the Gap. McBrides and Cafe Sol would be just two of such places. Other than that, grocery shopping on the island is still relatively expensive. My brother and I spent about $100USD for a few days of food. You can also cut costs by buying produce/breads from locals that set up shop along some roads. BUT BUYER BEWARE because just like anywhere you go, you can get ripped off. If you will have access to a kichenette/kitchen, I would recommend that you bring condiments/salad dressing etc from home. It may sound like a bit of an inconvenience, but it will save you a chunk! Again, you don’t have to take apply any of my suggestions if money is no object, but since you’re asking for ideas…there they are~!

Happy travelling…you will absolutely LOVE barbados…I can guarantee it! ;D

Gardengal,WOW, it’s been quite some time since I’ve been online here…have to get back in touch with my travelling buddies!! But yes, Czech Republic was beautiful, and we got to see quite a bit of the countryside as we rented a car and drove from Prague to Wroclaw, Poland (for a cousin’s wedding). It was quite the ride.

Returning to Barbados on Dec 17th…seems that place has a hold on me…I was there in February of this year as well…I won’t complain ;D

Unfortunately, I’m unable to help you in this respect. The people we stayed with had their own vehicles so this is an aspect I never looked into.

I’ve been to Barbados three years in a row and my recommendation is that if you have the opportunity to go…GO GO GO!! I fell in love with this island the first time I visited and it holds a very special place in my heart. I’ve travelled to other caribbean destinations, and each has its own beauty about it, but still nothing compares to Barbados. *sigh* Unfortunately, I’m unable to comment on the hotels because I was staying in Christ Church at a private residence, but my parents visited Barbados for the first time this January (for the jazz festival) and they had nothing but good things to say about the Accra Beach Resort. Just be aware that your expenses on the island will be considerably higher than in places like Cuba and the Domenican Republic. Food is quite expensive depending on your financial situation, and most resorts are not all-inclusive but have a meal plan option, and a flight alone can run about $600-800. Regardless, this is my heaven!

If anyone needs any specific information about this island and things to do, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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