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Thanks cajthat might be a good thing to do.I’ll check it out. I was wondering about currents there.I also think a lesson would be good for her , give her a little confidense if nothing else.thanks for the tips


thanks for the advise. We did purchase our snorkeling equipment but was holding off on the vest. The course sounds like a good idea and I will buy her a snorkeling vest as you all suggest, That seems to be the majority of opinions from people I talk with.thanks for the help


I want to take my wife snorkeling this winter.She is a terrible swimmer.Rather then a snorkeling bouyency compensater vest which may be bulky I was looking at a neoprene vest which should be more comfortable.We will be in Mexico thanks to all who provided me with excellent info. Will a neoprene vest be enough to help keep her floating?I want a vest that will keep her afloat so she can just lay on top of the water.She has never snorkeled before and will probably not try to dive down at all.Hopefully somebody who has done diving or snorkeling before will have an idea which is better for her.Thanks

Peter York

HiI would like to take my wife on a trip where we can do some snorkeling. We have never traveled until last year we went on a cruise. She has never snorkeled before. We are a couple in our 50’s.I have been trying to read as much as possible but still at a loss of where to go. I was wondering which would be best for a quiet vacation where we can do a couple snorkeling excursions. I have it narrowed down between Riviera Maya and Punta Cana.Any help would be appreciated especially if somebody has been to both places. We are planning for Feb or March so we still have some time to decide.Thanks


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