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Greetings all
I’ve been looking at the Eurostars Cayo Santa Maria as a possible destination south this year as we have not been to Cuba yet. In the description of the rooms there is a junior suite seaside and junior suite oceanview but it does not say what the difference between the rooms are. Also it says shower or tub in room. Would anyone know what the differences are between the two. 

I have reading reviews on other sites of this resort. Some rate it as a 3 star and others as a 4 star. Regardless reviews have been good. Wondering anyone has any more feedback on this resort.

we are heading there in March so would love to hear your views on the resort when you get back

Judging by pictures I saw of the resorts and reading reviews at T.A. and on Debbies, it sounds like it is a very nice resort as well.

Has anyone heard of what the mosquito situation is like this year in Mexico? Spoke to a person who just got back from Cuba and said the mosquitoes were terrible there this year.

Thanks all for the info . B.T.W. sandycracks, the packaged Caesar mix is on page 3 of the wildwestseasoning site under Caesar pleaser

Does anyone know if you can get clamato juice at the Ocean Turquesa
or anywhere nearby. Friends of ours traveling with us like to have clamato juice with their cervesa.

We called Westjet and our travel agent about the price differences and was told by both that the price is not final until you go to the last page. West jet went on to say that they are having problems with their new systems and that the 2 computers (web Page and actual booking system) were not talking to each other. Still upset about it, but not much you can do because it is written in the fine print!!

Does anyone know what beer they have on tap at the Ocean Turquesa

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