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We were there sometime in the early ’90’s. They were just building the Mares next door, as I remember looking at the tile work in the rooms. I gave some construction workers soap, shampoo, and anything else we could spare as we waited for the bus to leave. The guys almost hugged me.

It was our most memorable trip, would like to go back. Our room was at the far end near the lagoon. Snorkeled for the first time there also.

Wow, I can’t believe how nice it looks. Thank you for the pictures. Looking forward to the visit, and yes just booked it, the cabana with VIP. Phil

Thinking seriously of booking this one, for our 6th trip to Cuba. Anyone got pictures of the little island one can go to for the day? Phil

I’ve never been there but been tempted. Every trip we go on I ask people about their good and bad trips, places they would go back to and places they wouldn’t. About half would never go back to Jamaica, same with the Dominican. Phil

What a downer, 4 bottles, if you plan to go back to Cuba, you could make do with Captain Morgans until then ::), then check out the bottle seals at a Cuban airport yourself. I bring a bottle back every year for my best friend who can’t travel. He appreciates it and I always try to get rum made in that country. Found rum made in Maui this time but it took some effort.

I found a bottle that was given to us when first married. Lost for over 20 years in the cellar. Phil

"Unpretentious", no one is trying to have a good time or make you have a good time at the Cameleon. Maybe the feeling I get at some 5 stars, when I see some people trying to be happy. I remember snorkeling with a school of fish all around me. They were feeding along the drop-off. I followed, felt like part of the family ::).Wife noticed the thread, she said ‘hey I see they got some great deals at Jibacoa". I want to go so bad now. I don’t even care what beer they have :o. Phil

A few pics including ‘el gato’ from back in 2006…..

I remember sucking back quite a few at the lobby bar; very stress-free spot. What is it about that place that keeps drawing us back, it’s not the beer…

The cats have fleas(the one I fed), the doors require a towel under them to keep the mosquitoes out at night. Take a walk into the Breezes and the guard stops you. But I want to go back Phil

You’ve probably already booked koz, but for others, we tried the Stage West, 2 weeks ago and really liked it($109). Very nice, car is under cover, they have their own shuttle so when you call, it’s 20 minutes, and not packed with patrons from other hotels. For me it’s a pain to drive in by the airport, must be getting old, although we’ve stayed at the Double Tree several times and loved it. Stage West is just south on Dixie from the 401 a couple of blocks and one of the few privately owned hotels of this size.

Shuttle driver said he only gets a few calls a day now to pick-up when last year he couldn’t keep up. Phil

My wife is not a swimmer, but has expressed interest in using a mask and snorkel. The fear of not being able to touch bottom is very real. I would at the least take her to a pool with a shallow and deep end and have her make the transition. Have her get confident floating in deep water for a while. Phil

I could see it coming, a surcharge, probably weighing in the total package, passenger and suitcase. Alot of changes are going to be implemented that will stay with us even after everything cools off ;D.Phil

Yes there are always 2 sides to a story, it’s easy to forget that sometimes. I was glad to see Martin come home to Canada yesterday anyway, which proves the squeaky wheel gets the grease :). I worked on the airport she landed in, once(Waterloo Wellington), helping to extend the runway and taxiway to accommodate larger jets. We did find another warm place to go this fall, we just booked a 10 day trip to Maui and Kauai. Lots of pesos Phil

I missed that show, but this would apply to any crime, like robbery, wouldn’t it? Is it once the boat is in international waters? I suppose after it leaves the shore, who’s to say where you are. I know someone went through our suitcases, when we went to the Bahamas once, on the short cruise. Phil

The excursions are the best part. I can still remember the fresh air in the mountain areas and it’s been 4 months since we were there. Enjoy your trip. Phil

The new construction beyond building 4 is supposed to have a 2nd lobby in it, like the Decameron in Panama. Looks like another large restaurant or buffet too. We were surprised that the new block of rooms, resorts back to the mini balcony design. They were putting in palm trees when we were there.

Still very quiet down at that end except when they have a program by the pool. We have been recommending this resort and the tours to everyone we meet. Phil

I think building 3 or 4 are the "towers". These have much bigger balconies and elevators too. View from the top is great. We were in #4 on an end unit. View is both ways on an end unit so you can see the lagoon and the ocean. A long walk though, back to the main lobby. Phil

We’ll be there. I’ve been reading all the reviews on trip advisor hoping to plan out a cab excursion. Any idea why suddenly there were seats available, when we were told almost a month ago only a few seats left? Phil

We just booked the Palma Real and got the deluxe room. I read the 43 reviews on Trip Advisor and it’s a bit risky but the price is right at $699 for their best room. We wanted some place different and reviews for the tours here were excellent. Phil

We first went to Cuba in 1994, to the Rio de Luna. They were building the Mares at that time. The experiences were overwelming. Best trip we ever had, glad to have it on video. Going back to Cuba for the 6th time soon. Phil

Someone my wife knows just got back from San Andres and they said the snorkeling was awesome. We have been to 4 central American countries lately and I love the tours, but I don’t think you will find snorkeling. There was a thread on this a while back, several recommended a resort on the Mayan coast as having good offshore snorkeling. This area offers some exciting inland river snorkeling as well, and of course tours also. There is also Cozumel, but again the tours are far away as I recall, requiring the ferry crossing. Phil

We just got back from El Salvador and I can honestly say we didn’t have any problems with Trip-central. First time we have used them and E-tickets. I just picked up the phone, instead of e-mailing, if I got the answering machine, my agent returned calls within an hour or two. I love their site layout and we use it to quick scan for trips. I have a difficult time coping with Bel-air’s site, but we usually go with them. Phil

Well El Salvador is nice and hot. Why not go there, it’s cheap, it’s quiet and the rooms are all very close to the beach. I just posted a review here. If you want nice ocean view with balcony, ask for the 4th,5th,or 6th floor in buildings 3 or 4. It’s quiet at that end and one of the huge pools is right there. Very few kids there and the tours are great. You could read all the reviews on trip advisor if you are wanting more detail.Phil

Good write-up Trillium, taxes are everywhere in Canada. I was just thinking about San Andres too ::)…Phil over in Prince Edward

We’ve got our eye on San Andres, never been before. Prices seem really reasonable for travel in March, wonder if it’s because of the warmer winter? Phil

Interesting article on a Canadian woman in jail in Mexico for 2 years without being charged. Maybe this is old news, but my wife said that’s it, were not going to Mexico anymore. Okay I said, doesn’t take much to sway a person does it? Phil

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