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Hola all,We’ve travelled to Mexico many times, often staying in the Riu complex in playacar. Looking to try out the Grand Palladium complex. A few questions:1. How long is the beach? We like to walk and walk and walk on the beach…can we got at least 1 hour one way?2. What type of beer is stocked in the mini bar?3. Any suggestions about which of the 5 resorts that make up the Palladium would best suit our needs (beach!)

Any other info is of course welcome



Wow, the pics looks amazing! What to know what would be even more amazing? If they were finished by March

We didn’t need voltage adaptor, just plugged everything in (ipods, etc).We used bottled water. They give plenty of it every other day so why take a chance?

C’mon March…I can’t wait!!!!

hola,There is a fridge in the room. It is stocked with Dos XX beer, bottled pop and water. They fill it up every 2 days.

We are leaving from Toronto…it is March Break

See you at the bar…the mojitos at the pool bar are awesome!

hola,I’ll try my best to answer your questions.The bathroom is not your usual bathroom. The toilet and shower are together with a door. The sink is seperate with the liquor dispensor/fridge. Opposite the sink/fridge is the closet with lots of room to hang clothes and your safe deposit box.In the room there is a 6 drawer dresser that TV is on and the night stand also has a drawer for smaller items.I am totally a beach person and even loved the Tequila, even though it is not directly on the beach. Once down there you can use all facilities at the sister Riu. The walk down is enjoyable and there are plenty of chairs for everybody (they are not a seperate colour for us). There are self serve drinks (beer, pop, water, juice) at the snack bars on the beach and there is bar service around the pool at the sister Riu. Everybody has a red riu band so you are free to use whatever you like.

Hope this helps. I am there March 13-20 Any questions please feel free to write back.

AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! OMG! Please be done in time, please be done in time. Thank you for the info. I must admit those videos make my stomach turn… a lot. please be done in time, please be done in time.

hola all,Can’t wait to return to the Riu Tequila in March. A recent post on TA said the Riu beach area was closed due to pipeline construction and people were being shuttled to another beach (that did not offer all-inclusive features). Now, I know that March is a long way off, but I also know about "Caribbean time"…does anybody have any info? how long it will take? is it actually true?


Hola all,

I have looked up the ferry from PDC to Cozumel ($11), but I don’t know if this is one-way or return…can somebody please let me know


hola all,I normally travel AI to DR but there is a good deal on for March break to St. Martin that only includes breakfast. Could anybody please provide me some info about how much drinks and food at a trypical bar/restaurant would be? We don’t need fancy restaurants, just typical fair. Is it like Barbados pricing…3 bucks for a coke? thanks

I’m leaving for March Break (9-16)! The reviews on TA look fine. People for the most part are complaining about roads and other travellers. Nobody has complained about the amazing beach and few people have bad things to say about the food. I got this place for "next to free" for March Break and can’t wait to go! I will post a review upon my return.

Hola All!Just wondering if anybody has rented a car near Playa Del Carmen and had the car delivered to the hotel? We are staying about 15 minutes outside of PDC at Playa Maroma.We know that there are many car rental places if we can get into PDC by taking a cab, but have done some research online and found that you can have the car delivered and picked up at your hotel. does anybody have any experiences good or bad and the company they dealt with?thanks
Hola All!I am heading to PDC and was reading that you can take the public bus from PDC to Tulum for $4 each way. When at Tulum a $4 entrance fee (plus $3 picture fee) is all that is needed to get you in. I was wondering if anybody has a bus schedule? Is there more than 1 bus daily? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ;D

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