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T-minus 7 days! St. Lucia will be fun. I’ll let you folks know how the trip went when we get back. Just bought new swim trunks and flip flops, we’re ready.
Has anyone vacationed at either one of these all-inclusives lately? We are trying to make a decision on the best resort based on value, location, beach, water (calm/waves), food, service, etc.. There will be four couples (all in 40’s) going sometime the last two weeks of February 05. Any help would be appreciated and if anyone is planning on being there please let me know. We will be leaving from Chicago.


rula77, have a great time. T-minus 23 days and counting…. ;D

I look forward too hearing from you on your return.

rula77, if you are overly reactive, take along benadryl. Simple anti itching cream should do the trick.

Also, please let me know what you thought of the Riu Negril. We are heading next door to your resort in 25 days…but who’s counting???

Thanks, Rich

Folks, dilemma solved. Just booked 10 days at the Tropical Bay. 1st time to Jamaica but my wife and I have been to multiple locations in the Caribbean over the last 9 yrs. If anyone is planning on being there during that time, let me know. We can enjoy the fruits of our labor and not think about winter!!
Dilemma time (blaming cold weather), trying to decide on one of the three AI’s in subject line. We like the beach aspect of Negril, we like the waterfalls country side of Ocho Rios. Dislike the cruise ships of Ocho Rios. We are trying to book a 10 day trip starting mid or late Feb 08. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Wife and I are in our late 40’s but act late 20’s (sometimes) ;D I’ll also be celebrating a birthday while in country. thanks, Rich
Tompson, when are you going to be at the Riu TB? My wife and I will be there 23 Feb to 4 Mar.Febe, how long does it take to get to Margaritaville? I’ve read about it and it sounds like a good time. Will a cab work best or do you know if the Riu offer a shuttle? Also, we have exchange privilages at Riu Negril, any suggestion on Ala Cartes, lobby bar, theme nights? I’m ready to leave tomorrow!!

thanks, Rich

I have been doing some looking around and I was thinking of booking 7-10 days at the Sunset Jamaica Grand. I’ve used Debbies site for the last 9 years with nothing short of spectacular results. Any suggestions (pro/cons) on villa, cabana, room selction or locations? Does anyone have a map of the complex? Thanks, Rich

wpggirl,my wife and I were in Antigua 2 yrs ago. We stayed at the Pinapple and loved everything about it. I would suggest you keep this place in mind. The rooms are built into the side of the hills overlooking the beach and water. The Food, service, beach, rooms were great and above all they have a outdoor grill on top of a bluff overlooking the ocean that is wonderful. A nice elderly lady (Mary) grills ribs and chicken and they have Ice cold Wadali (sp?) beer. You can sign a board and hang/nail it up on the makeshift shelter for others too read. If you take the Catermeran trip around the Island, ask for the lobster tail for an extra $10 U.S., it’s more than worth it. We’ve been to Margarita Island. Wasn’t overly impressed. Had fun but would not go back. We would go back to Antigua. ps: I seen your pictures from the Iberostar. We’re heading down to the Bahia in 10 Days!!!! Do you have any advice on tours or things that are a must? Rich

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