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This is obviously late, but where in St. Lucia do you go diving? I heard its best to dive at one of the resorts, but there are so many choices – no diving information for St. Lucia like other Caribbean islands.

you don’t even have to exchange it if you want to. ive gone there and used us money the entire time and never had an issue

I would also check out the BodyHoliday LeSport. It’s an all inclusive resort. If you’re into good food – this place has that written all over them. Check it out and see what you think, they have some menus online.

I was wondering if anyone here has ever gotten married in St. Lucia or know someone that has? There are a few things to consider. It needs to be personalized – I don’t want an out of the box wedding. I’d like to find packages that we can customize – something unique and special. I really want something that we can really look back on and remember, not just a regular beach wedding. They have a bunch of really great looking weddings at Rendezvous – just wondering if anyone has either any experience with doing their St. Lucia weddings with them or if there are any other alternatives that are good?¬†Thanks!

I think the Cayman Islands works great for a Caribbean family vacation!
They’ve got tons to do for kids of all ages and you don’t have to worry about leaving the resort and if its safe or not, etc. I would check it out and see what you think. I’ve been there before, always tons and tons of families there!

I actually think the Cayman Islands is a really nice option for a family vacation if you’re staying in the Caribbean.
They’ve got a lot of options for kids of all ages and you can freely go around island and don’t have to worry about wandering from the resort.

Anyone have any recommendations for a diving vacation in the Caribbean? I’ve heard that the Cayman Islands is by far the best place to go for the dive vacation, but would love to get any other advice.If anyone has information or another dive site with the same amount of information?¬†Thanks!
I actually have. Loved it. It was my 2nd time here and this time stayed at the Westin

I absolutely loved it! They recently redid it and it looks amazing now

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