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HI,we’re planning to vacation in September and wondered where the best weather would be?…hoping for no storms, little rain & not crazy hot…I know that’s asking a lot!! We usually go in March or April.


Hi moemoe1Which one did you book? We stayed @ the Maya & walked to Playa 15/20 minutes for us ( we’re a bit slow). There’s a road just voutside the resort & a sidewalk all the way. A cab was $5 I think.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi, We’re thinking of heading to Mexico:) Not sure where yet; hoping to get a deal.Has anyone been during Easter week? I’ve heard it’s super busy as school is out for 2 weeks & lots of people head to the beach & A.I.’s. I would too if I lived near the ocean!!Is it busier on the west coast compared to the east?


Thanks for all the info!! We’ll definately check out as many places as we can!

Hi, hoping to get some insider knowledge on Cabo san Lucas & San Jose del Cabo.
We’re going with friends ( 30’s & 40’s) & want to make the best of our 7 days! Any tips on tours to take, beaches where you can swim, Restaurants, etc. would be great. We’re not there to party; just have a good time:) OK, maybe a few cervesas!

Did you end up @ the royal solaris? we just booked for April:)

Hi Rene,

we’re going to the Royal Solaris in April Was there a beach that you would recommend as a 1/2 day trip to swim as it’s not recommended @ our hotel?

Also, what tours would you recommend? I haven’t been to this side of Mexico since grade 4… I remember glass blowing & firecrackers:)

Thanks bubbletoes

hot, hot, Hot sounds just right! & thanks for the info & links for the "sea lice". We usually holiday in April & have had fabulous weather every year!

Hi, Just wondering what the weather is like (mayan riviera) in June ? We’ve been in April & loved it! Also, does anyone know when the tiny jelly fish are a problem? Once in Cuba & THAT WAS ENOUGH!!! I just want to avoid them ;).
Here’s an update from Edmonton. I was in & out this afternoon in only 2 hours!!! Our passports should be delivered at the latest by April 19th. They said the last couple weeks have been much slower although Mondays & Fridays are still busy.

Meller 1 – my husband had to get a new b.c. & it only took 3 days to arrive by mail – I hope everything goes well for you!

WE were there 2 weeks ago. The food was good @ the buffet & ala cartes. The 24 hour near the pool was a bit hit & miss. The beach has very soft sand but they have huge ( huge like whale size!) sandbags to help keep the beach from eroding. No problem with rocks or coral that we noticed & nice waves for body surfing. You ca also eat @ the V.W.Azteca, about a 10 minute walk towards Playa del Carmen. I liked the resort & we got a great deal. I might not go back because I like to snorkel but otherwise it was very clean & small enough so everything is close.

Hi, Can anyone give advice on who to book tours with (other than the hotel rep.)? We were thinking of snorkeling tours, maybe some cenotes, ruins etc. We are staying @ the Viva Wyndham Maya. I was also wondering if there is a map available that shows the location of cenotes, smaller Mayan ruins. I heard there was a small zoo near Tulum which would interest us.

Thanks for any help or advice

Hi, We’re heading to the VWMaya on Jan.22. Has anyone been? Any suggestions or info. is appreciated.


Hi, We’re back from the V.Wyndham Maya:) Had a great trip! We stopped @ the Azteca for a drink & really liked the courtyard. The resort is set up almost the same as the Maya. We walked to 5th. ave from the Azteca (about 15/20 minutes max.) or you can take a cab for $5.00. The Playacar plaza is about a 4 minute walk & has about 20 shops, try the silver shop closest to you with the sliding doors, they don’t barter much but have excellent prices without bartering. My fave store had seashells from around the world:) We went to Tulum & to Xel-ha. I would recommend Xcaret over Xel-ha as there was more to do (animals, a night show, etc.) I hope you have a fantastic time:)


Hi catty07We’re going to the Viva Wyndham Maya on Jan. 22/08 but plan to check out the Azteca while we’re there. Definitely take a day to go to Cozumel (catch the ferryin Playa del Carmen), you can check out a beach club, snorkel, dive, shop etc! We plan to go to Tulum as we missed it last time!

Have fun!!

Hi reh, The resort is a 5 minutes walk from 5th Avenue. I wouldn’t say it’s true Mexican flair, tons of shops , restaurants & bars but it was fun! We walked to the ferry one afternoon (at the end of 5th ave.) & it took about a 1/2 hour. There might be another dock closer now. The 2 a’la carte restarants didn’t take reservations @ the time ( I was told this changes) so you just head down when you feel like it ( & maybe wait a bit) Just like @ home! The Italian was fabulous & my husband enjoyed the mexican. We always found something we liked @ the buffet & no upset tummies!I think my 2 favorite things about the Gran Porto was the 3rd floor pool (not too busy & great to swim laps early a.m.) & the drink service @ the pool! Our waiter Pablo would bring us a surprise drink every time as long as we asked in Spanish ( una supresa, por favor!) Try a dirty monkey! (yummy)Let me know of tyou have any other questions.
We were @ the Gran Porto Real last April. We were with a large group ; no one was asked to change hotels. We did not get the room with a king bed & we asked 2 days in a row to change rooms. The front desk people do seem disinterested & it was only when I told them we were with a group of 60+ people & the rooms were booked a year ago that they suddenly seemed to care. We were told to be ready to change rooms after lunch & suddenly there was a room available. I truly think you just need to stand up for yourself without being rude to get their attention! Otherwise the hotel was great: the staff were awesome, great poolside/beach drink service; excellent location etc. The Royal porto has a far superior beach but I’ve heard it’s not nearly as friendly a place to stay.Let me know if you have any specific questions:) Can I ask what resort you were moved from?

The Belize Zoo is awesome!!!
We were on a day tour with cave tubing in the afternoon but if I would have had a choice, I’d have stayed the whole day. It’s quite small but unique in how they’ve laid out the enclosures. I think we saw every animal; some you can walk around the entire cage.

We were in Belize in May ’04 & had a fantastic time! Your trip sounds like fun…definately different than ours. We stayed on Ambergris Caye for 2 weeks at the Costa Maya Reef resort ( a friend’s time share). We did go to Caye Caulker for a day, it seems more relaxed than Ambergris. We mostly hung out at the cut swimming, but watch out for the drink specials…they’re deadly!!!We also did a couple tours to the mainland. The Belize zoo was fantastic!!! You can stay overnight & do a nocturnal tour, & where else in the world will you see cotimundi, jaguars, & a fluffy white bunny! (read the comments in the guest book )We also did cave tubing (a nice way to spend an afternoon) & Lamanai(fascinating).

Have a great trip:)

Hi we were in Belize -Ambergris Caye in 2004. The snorkelling was amazing due to the reef (2nd largest in the world, I think) We stayed on the island(caye)but took a few tours to the mainland…the Belize zoo, cave tubing, mayan ruins etc. As far as I know there are no AI’s on the cayes but a couple on the mainland.
Hi I think there is only 2 all-inclusives available. We stayed with friends at their time share – the Costa Maya Reef Resort. It was good but not great – furthest resort from San Pedro. only one restaurant, & no free transfers to town(by boat only) The positives were that the snorkelling is amazing!!!, wonderful people, great weather, english is spoken by almost everyone, great tours to take (mayan ruins, zoo,swim with sharks etc.), other cayes to visit…I could go on & on.Have you tried They have a very informative message board.

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