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Contents included, wheel chairs, beds, mattresses, night stands, bikes, chairs, hospital crib, physio table, sports equipment…….. And lots of clothes…

Routing is from port of Montreal to Freeport Bahamas to Santiago Cuba.

Top pic far left… Myself, Reilly Marsh, 6th from left Marion D, yellow jacket John D, behind him Big John, to left of Big John Lenny ….Second picture.. Frank.4th Lenny.5th ( my grandson) ReillyMarion and I.(see the family resemblance)

Others either not online personalities, or I do not have permission to share

Radar…also sent were a microscope, several boxes of Hypodermic needles and an assortment of medicines.

The best thing to come out of this is that one of the Vet supply companies has agreed to act as a collection point of donations from the Vets that they supply… they will then send the items to us for shipment to Cuba

Container filled and on its way to Cuba….. I believe this was container 66 of aid for Cuba…. what a great way to end the year….. thanks to everyone who helped in any way.

Gregster:As I have just posted we have enough workers for this packing. Thanks for the offer and please watch this forum for news of our next packing which we hope will be in the spring.Thanks Again
Hello friends; Very pleased to announce that the response to help Saturday december 29th ( our final packing of 2012) has been great. Enough people have now commited to brave the cold and participate in this container loading, which will help so many unfortunate and destitute persons and families in the Santiago area. We are grateful to all those who have taken part in one form or other in our Cuban humanitarian project in 2012. What was accomplished could not have happened without the assistance and support of our volunteers, benefactors, and even well wishers. To all of you, on behalf of Marion, Eric, Greg and I ( the Foundation’s directors) We heartily thank you, wish you all the best for 2013, and hope to be working together again soon in the pursuit of helping the less fortunate.. Thank you


Radar: the preliminary list is that there were tables, chairs, filing cabinets, cupboards, hand sanitizer with dispensers, syringes, operating room lights, alcohol swabs.However we had a vet helping and she aded other item… I will try to get that list as well.
HELLO FRIENDS; Marion and i wish you and your loved ones a Christmas filled with love, joy, and peace, and may you enjoy good health and success during 2013. Next Saturday, december 29th, we will be loading our next container to Cuba. This load is going to the Santiago area with badly needed materials to help the victims of hurricane Sandy. While relief and reconstruction efforts continue in that area, the majority of victims are still waiting for the resources necessary to rebuild/repair, or replace what they lost. The contribution that our organization is sending will bring hope and reduce the despair and sickness in that area. In this container, we will be sending large quantities of Sanitizer material, dehydrated soup, clothing and building materials, as well as kitchen and other household necessities, and medical supplies. To get this container filled to the brim, quickly and efficiently, we will need many good people, as we have a lot of donated material to process. The packing will take place at our Woodstock warehouse starting at 9.00 AM and will be followed by an enjoyable hot lunch and refresments.

We know that this is a very busy time of year for most of you,and it’s cold out, but please do what you can to help make a positive difference in these unfortunate peoples’ lives.

Container packed yesterday with the help of a gerat group of people.It is now on its way to Mayabeque ( San Nicholas, Guines, Madruga and San jose de las Lajas) loaded with beds chairs, wheel Chairs clothing hand cleaner and dispencers etc….

Radar… I do not know but I will ask

This packing/loading will be for some people in the small towns in the province of Mayabeque ( San Nicholas, Guines, Madruga and San jose de las Lajas) some material will also be going to the Veterinary school UNAH.

sometimes it is important to know which pictures to stay out of.

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