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Thanks-Been watching Curacao for a couple of years now, but could never get the good deal. And also, I have been spoiled by my trips to Punta Cana. One day the price on the Breezes dropped to $797.00 plus $222.00 for taxes. $1,019 per person. Booked it immediately. Next day it was back in the $1200 range.
Will post a review sometime in Feb.

I usually start early, checking prices. Got a great deal to the Breezes Curacao last week, was on one day for $797.00 plus taxes. Total for 2 people was $2,038.06. Couldn’t pass it up. Gone up to over $1,200.00 plus taxes now.

My advice is to be persistant in watching the site of your choice.

Had really planned on going to Punta Cana, but a great deal came up yesterday for the Breezes Curacao, so we booked it – Anyone been there recently?
Will miss Punta Cana, but you always need to try different places

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