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In respect to learning, I studied Spanish in high school, took night courses at community college, tried various software, attended a language academy in Costa Rica and travelled quite a bit in Spanish speaking countries. I find the free online site, Duolingo is as good or better than anything else I have tried.

For cool the new Google translate for Android is terrific. You just point the phone’s camera at the text and it translates on screen. It will also translate and speak a conversation in real time between persons speaking different languages but needs an internet connection to do this.

We have booked twice this year, can’t really afford to and not to. We want to have memories of Cayo Largo the way it is, in this now and Cayo Santa Maria which has already changed way too much for our liking. May I ask which resort you have booked? We have been to Playa Blanca twice and really don’t want to go there again but the other resorts seem over-crowded.
This appears to return travel restrictions to where they were until 2004 when Jr. Bush tightened them. At that time American Eagle(perhaps others) was still offering flights to the island. Prior to then ‘Americans’ could travel for approved reasons as is again the case. Any further relaxation would require congressional approval which appears unlikely any time soon. I recall speaking with a U.S. couple with one of the last approved tours in late 2003. They and their group were clearly not part of GWB’s constituency.

Here’s an interesting article by Gwynne Dyer.

Funny. I think we are of a very similar vintage. I meant the beach wasn’t what it was. The regular cook/life guard was only there 3 times a week and the other guys just didn’t do a very good job preparing lunch. It was also crowded and noisy with unwelcome musical "entertainment". Looking forward to seeing you and Mr. Sund0g again. HE seems nice. Best to you both in 2015.


We had surprisingly different impressions during the same period. It was our 9th visit. We visited the beach and village everyday.

We just got back home. The $15 SMS text add on from Koodo worked from Cayo Largo where we touched down on our way to and in Santiago and Los Galeones. I had a strong signal at Galeones; even on the beach. With my Nexus 4 Android it was not necessary to ‘dial’ 119 +1 before the number. We used it to request some meds for a long term LG resident from friends we knew were coming down the next week.

OK. I bought the 75 texts for $15 from Koodo. The folks on their user forum tell me that I will need to enter 119+1 before the number of the Canadian ‘phone I am texting to. I don’t think I had to do this when Rogers worked for me. We fly out Monday a.m.


Los Galeones fer sure. It’s our easy R&R escape from the pre-Xmas crap. We normally do a more challenging adventure trip in March and April but this year we are putting our house on the market so maybe Cayo Largo for a couple of weeks? Maybe a compromise with a Pinar del Rio road trip?

I was able to use Rogers on Cayo Largo and Los Galeones until a few years ago but not recently. I currently have a Koodo account which for $15 offers 75 text messages from Cuba. Question is can I expect to get a connection at Galeones on my Koodo (Telus) phone? I could get a decent signal there with my old rogers phone so I assume it will work now pero es Cuba.

10 or 15 years ago we visited a cigar factory on Jesus Menendez by the bay. We drive by it every time we go to Los Galeones. I assumed it was still operating?

But there defn are some great deals out there for Nov. Better deals than there were in Oct, and I have usually found Oct to be some of the best deals around in the past.

There are sometimes some unsavoury characters still hanging around early in the season. Our kids met Sandy in November of 2012 in Varadero and in early December of 2007 we met Olga at Galeones, although she was pretty well partied out by then.

Ooh, you are sneaky! And the funny thing is we were there in December. And I was racking my brain about the cable car. I couldn’t remember any overhead cables at any of our visits. But for the benches (they’re pretty new – less than a year old I think). And I was confused because the railings seem to be missing. I know there are sections (or at least were) sections missing or loose or jerry rigged. But in April the railings were updated and painted (still too hot to touch in the sun). Thanks Runs_with_scissors. I just may have to take a half way trip down to the beach in November – at least as far as the benches. Maybe we can meet up at Galeones some day.

sund0g I believe we may have met during the first couple of weeks of last December? I was the guy with the sunglasses, shorts, t-shirt, hat and sandals.

sund0g This is the view descending the steps. Hence the benches are on the right. It is the 90ish degree turn down to the beach after the relatively flat section between the two climbing sections.

That is an awesome price. You can’t afford to stay home. We booked Los Galeones @ $838 about 2 weeks ago. I just checked again and it is still at that price. That is for departure Dec. 01 with Hola Sun via Selloff Vacations. They want $558 for just one week on Dec. 01.

(There are 297 steps and not much to do. It is not for everyone.)

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