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Terry,When were you at the Grand Riviera Princess? and what can you tell me about it? i.e. is it suitable for a mother/daughter (16) getaway. How safe are the premises? I’ve read about theft from safes/rooms. What’s the beach like and how many pools etc. Any information you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

Sorry, can’t recommend a room number but if you are staying in the Royal Golden section these are the rooms closest to the beach. We stayed here 2 years ago, very nice section. I don’t believe there is interenet in the rooms (but don’t quote me on this), however there is free internet access at the Royal Golden lobby area.Hope this helps a bit. Enjoy.

The ocean front rooms of the Iberostar Paraiso Grand Hotel had jacuzzi tubs on the balcony…..very nice overlooking the ocean.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon.I’m here to report on the IB Grand!! My husband and I stayed there last July (I’m 44 and he’s 50). We have not stayed at either of the other 2 resorts you are contemplating.We felt like we were on our second honeymoon at the Grand. You truly feel extra special by everyone there. The staff truly wanted to make your stay memorable, and would get you anything you wanted. The food was beyond wonderful, the a la carte restaurants were all very good, although we went to the steakhouse more than once. The breakfast buffet in the main building was wonderful, smaller than most resorts but had everything you could possibly want. We ate lunch most days at the buffet by the beach where you could also order off the menu, lobster and shrimp….soooo good. You could even order lunch/snacks poolside…the service was wonderful. The rooms were lovely…with turndown service each night with a chocolate on your pillow. Top notch liquor and drinks everywhere…whatever you wanted.Room service was 24 hours, and the food was good and hot upon arrival, which was less than 30 minutes. Snacks, soda, beer and small liquor bottles in the mini-fridge.We went to one evening show in the air conditioned theatre which was refreshing in the hot July heat. You have access to all of the other Iberostar resorts, Maya, Lindo, Beach and DelMar. We used the wave pool and lazy river, and ate at the Maya one night. It was fun to be able to wander around the entire resort and plunk wherever we wanted and have a drink or a bite to eat.In my opinion, you would not go wrong at the IB Grand. We came back from our holiday feeling like we had just spent a week in Fantasy land.I did write a review last July and it may still be posted and pictures are posted on Webshots.Good luck with your choice.
Thanks again to everyone for the opinion on the RHE….it’s certainly at the top of the list.eeeefarm, I appreciated your post, well said. I also agree with bergerman.Tipping is a very personal thing, however, I do believe that like the wait staff in our own restaurants, the people of these islands must come to "expect" (and I use this word loosely – sorta how my dog "expects" to be taken out in the morning to do his business) tips as a way for them to further improve their lifestyle in whichever country they are living, i.e. Cuba, Dominican. For most of us in N.A., taking these vacations is a luxury after months of saving and hard work. In the eyes of these island workers, we probably do come off as rich to them, for they themselves could never afford to bring their families to such grandeur. I’ll share a short story: Two years ago in Mexico; it was the day before our departure and the maid (a cute older Mexican woman) wanted to clean our room but we declined as we explained we were leaving the next day and we were in the middle or trying to put order back into our luggage. Well, the look on this woman’s face was a mix of sadness and desperation. We had been leaving daily tips for the other maid and this woman was new. I could see in her face her hope of getting a little something on the side. (Who knows if the maids or any of the other staff talk amonst themselves about who tip and who don’t).Anyways, I felt so bad that I told her to wait and went inside and scooped up all of our change, which amounted to about $5.00 and gave it to her…..she was so thrilled and the expression on her face made my day.I may be rambling here now, so I apologize, as my above-mentioned dog is begging to go out for that walk that he expects as part of a good life (let’s face it, we all need to pee). ;DOn that note, have a great day.
Appreciate the various perspectives, many thanks. Still not sure which avenue I will take but I must admit the shopping on line is tedious and getting on my nerves, but still saves money.

Wish I could snalp my fingers and everything I want would be right there.

Just wondering how safe and secure it is to book vacation packages on line. It certainly comes out cheaper than dealing with an agent. But, do you still get your travel rep on the other end and has anyone ever had any shady misfortunes.Thanks again.
This place has got my curiosity….looks wonderful, reviews are pretty good… hoping others can jump in with their comments.


Thanks Stargazer for your input. We had those darn sand bags at the Bahia Akumal….so I agree with you, big disappointment.However, I think this resort has turned around several times so anyone who has been there more recently….please jump in.Many thanks.
Has anyone been to this resort or know of anyone who has been? Reviews are mixed, but it looks lovely.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Many thanks for the comments.Just wondering what can be expected from RHE vis-a-vis food. We’re not big fish eaters, but love our steak. How are the a la carte’s and what about the buffets.We are looking for a more quiet environment as my husband seriously needs some rest, so we’re not into daily acitivites but might be interested in a show a night. How are the shows?Also, as we’ve never been to Cuba before, what is the tipping policy? I always prefer to leave money, but do the maids, etc. enjoy token gifts??Thanks again, and keep the comments coming.
Stories such as this one as well as the Barcelo incident are tragic and horrific for those living them. Life is all about living and not holding on to our fears. I made the mistake of cancelling a booked vacation to the Barcelo not long after the incident there and have regretted it ever since. Not only did I deprive myself of experiencing a great resort with a great reputation but I deprived myself of living…instead I chose to live off of my fear of "what might happen".Life is to short to live in fear.
Hi Folks,Considering the above two resorts for first week of August. Any comments regarding food and what to expect. This would be my first time to Cuba so any info would be greatly appreciated or any other resort recommendations – 4 or 5 star.Many thanks,
They do offer a shuttle service ;), from the hotel complex. If memory serves correct, it was about $7.50 per person for a half day, leaving at approx. 8:30a.m. back at 1:00 ish, something like that.

Hope that helps.

Yep, how silly of me to think that you’d only post 150 pics :P. You are one crazy gal with a camera, but we’re all lovin it, especially me, as I is soooo nosey and curious. Thanks for posting, you’re a doll :-*.After reading your post re the prices for this place, I checked SOV quickly and all in, outta Mtl, is $999.00. This is right up my sister’s alley, so I told her about, as they are looking for end of September. Big question: How long a bus ride from the airport????? Wishing I could go big time, I think I had some serious withdrawl after our return. But, I did hear the good news about Joanne…fabulous!!

As far as school goes, it’ll be done before ya know and you’ll be on your way to new adventures.

Hey Lynds,Super fantastic photos….you never disappoint ;D.This place looks really cute and cozy…I really like that lagoon, nice place for kayaking (which Denis really wanted to do on our holiday but the waves were too crazy).Another resort to think about ;), but I have to agree with you, the temptation to "get away" is always lurking and can be hazarous to one’s bank account :o.

Take Care and good luck with school.

We’ve also only pressed once per couple…come to think of it I’ve yet to see them ask "couples" to press individually. Guess, it’s the luck of the draw.
First of all…..yes, yes, yes, you will love this resort, it’s got something for everyone and the grounds are breathtakingly beautiful.The Beach and DelMar share facilities, i.e. pools, buffets, etc.The Lindo and Maya also share facilities, pools, buffets, etc.. These two have all a la carte dining for dinner, concierge services, wave pool, lazy river. A few more amentities than the Beach and DelMar. The Maya rooms are a little more upgraded than the Lindo and have hammocks on their balcony along with private pools. The Lindo cannot use the private pools at the Maya. Also, I believe the Lindo does not have dibs on the Gourmet and the Maya but they are not overly strict on that. Basically, Lindo and Maya have dibs on everything except the Grand. DelMar and Beach have each other.It truly is an amazing resort from one end to the other. Fantastic beach, great food, layout is fun, people are wonderfully nice and so helpful.

Now, if you want to talk about the Grand, let me know ;D. Now that’s paradise.

Hey Lynds,Wow, I did not know that, therefore, I must go and investigate ;), and I would loooove to take you with me but my guess is you’ll be back in the D.R. before I is….gotta watch the $$ but that’s what we said before Mexico again ;D.I see you’re countdown is really on….Catalonia right?? Lots of pics, I’m counting on you!! Don’t forget the electric lemonade for me….pleeeeaaase. Have a great time, safe travels.!!Joanne, if you see this, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and keep me posted as to what happens!!.

You girls have fun hooking up without me.

Take Care

Yep, Yep, it’s hot and more hot, even hotter than the devil himself. We’ve gone 2 years running in July, also did the D.R. in July. So far that’s the only time we’ve been able to get away.

HOWEVER, it’s paradise and I’m not so good with tremendous heat also but you just stay cool in the pools, the ocean, the air conditioning, the water, the ocean……


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