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As an older member of a relatively new board, here’s my responses to comments on the "other" above:Yes, there are many posts that you would consider junk. I like to quote the questions "Does it snow in Cuba" and "Do they have seasons in Cuba". There’s also posts about Walmarts, cinemas, iStores, laptop shopping, etc. Hell, there was one there this morning about someone asking about stowing away "INTO" Cuba.Most of these posts are by people blissfully ignorant to Cuba and it’s ways, while others may be by members who don’t know what Google is or what it does, and maybe others by people who just want to see their name in lights occasionally and maybe want to get to that 1000 post mark. Cripes, it’s only been open for 2-1/2 months and there’s already members with posts numbering in the several hundred, a couple of whom I know have never been to Cuba.Some members, English isn’t their mother tongue, so some leeway may be required for them to understand what they’re asking, and then for them to understand the answer. Google translator can only do so much.These posts and members will change or go away eventually. People will get bored or will visit Cuba, and will find out what the place is really like.As for revenue, these boards cost money to run. More traffic, more money incoming, which is, I would imagine, part of the reason why this board was bought from the original Debbie. Zee owns the new board and looks at it as a hobby, and has a monthly budget he puts into that hobby.eeeefarm, your concerns regarding review by moderators of certain links and posts is exactly what you mentioned, protection against Spam. I was amazed by how many members join daily and how many spam blogs are posted, all of course that are removed by Admin and Mods. Will that problem ever go away? I don’t know.As for a get-together, I have plenty of cigars and even some HC 7 left, he he.As for TA, I do use it sometimes. Face it, it’s the BIGGEST source of travel information out there, but sometimes so much it can be overwhelming. It is, however, one the only sources of info available for the upcoming trip to Eire in June.
SNIPSNIP There is a new one just started in early November time frame. If anyone is interested, PM me for details.
February 01, 2014 is going to be a sad day with the end of this website forum. >>>SNIP Indeed it will.I gained a lot of insight on places I haven’t been to in Cuba from this board, and like to think I helped people with places I’ve been.Have fun all, be safe.


Holy smokin’ old thread. Well, I’ll play!1./ Manager of a specialty valve supply house (and part owner)2./ I love to cook, I love to cook, I love to cook, I love to cook, I love to cook, I love to cook. (Along the same lines, I’m a coffee freak to the point I roast my own beans and have 7 ways to brew in the house, no $Bux for me)3./ We own 2 retired Greyhounds (or should I say, they own us)

Plenty of great tunes above, and if you like Cohen’s Hallelujah, for a Christmas version, not done by Cohen, but still stirring.

I’m a music nut and picking just 2 is tough.1./ Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here2./ G’nR – Estranged (Nobody, BUT NOBODY, conveys emotion on a guitar like Slash)I saw this saying on FB on New Year’s Day and it immediately became my favourite:

"This year is a new book with 365 pages. Write a good one."

Each person of age travelling is allowed 200 (1 carton usually) of premade cigarettes, 50 cigars AND 200 Gms of tobacco with 200 tobacco sticks.All of the above, not this or that like with booze.Now, like CubaJack said, there’s a disclaimer that a partial exemption only may apply, but I’ve never heard of that being put in play as long as folks were below the limits.

Zendudette – If you are claiming 2 cartons yourself, there’s the problem.

I’ve was away from the board for quite a lot of time last year so I haven’t experienced much of what people are talking about in this thread.Like eeeefarm says, plenty of activity on TA and other boards, but some of the people posting in other places I have to question their intelligence, and their fear of using Google.

I actually saw someone ask if it snowed in Cuba, and I’ve seen questions about Walmarts in Cuba, and Cineplex theatres, and the iStore, and it goes on, and on, and on.

Another option (and I know this has been done) is to book a 3 day trip out of Toronto, and just keep your plans via Mexico, and not use the flight from Toronto. You’ll obviously have to tell the TA you’ll just be using the room and won’t be flying. If you don’t show up for the flight they may not keep the room for you otherwise.

If you’re not fixed on a particular hotel you could wait for the best price out of Toronto, even up to just a few days out.

As a side note to this and an example, a 5 day trip out of Halifax to a certain resort is $909 + tax and the 7 day to the same resort, same room, operator, airline, etc, is $80 more PP with same taxes.

While I understand some may prefer a 5 day vacation for reasons outlined above, I’d pay the extra for 2 more days.

Has anyone else noticed the increase of these type of vacations out of Toronto or Montreal?

If you’re booking, be extra careful you don’t book a 5 day by mistake when you think you’re getting a 7 day.

Thanks for the recommendations.Jibacoa is a place I’ve looked at online for several years, for several reasons, not the least of which is the number of returning guests you read about here and on other travel sites.

One of the reasons I’m seriously considering Varadero is great flight times scheduled for next year direct from Newfoundland, whereas in past years, to say they were bad is an understatement.

We’ve been to Cuba 7 times, but always to places like Santa Lucia, Guardalavaca, etc and in March we’re considering our first trip to Varadero.We obviously know what to expect in the way of food, anemeties, people, etc. We aren’t interested in staying at a place with all rooms in one building (E.g.: Tuxpan or Melia Marina) and some sort of bungalow arrangement or smaller building set up is a must, and we would prefer adults only or semi-adult only.I know people here rave about places like Jibacoa, but Wifey would prefer to be right in Varadero to see how we like more off-resort activities.So, I ask you, the experts, for your opinions.

Thanks in advance.

Personally, I stay as far away from them thar thangs as I can when on vacay…and concentrate on the beach

Yeah, what she said.

I’m leaving for Cuba (Club Amigo Guardalavaca) for 2 weeks beginning Nov 26…I usually smoke a few cigars when I’m there and bring home half a dozen but I’m never sure what to buy as I’m not a regular smoker…I have tried a few different brands and sizes and find Cohibas generally too strong for my taste but have had some Montecristos that I really enjoyed but I can’t remember which ones…what would you recommend if my budget is about 8 CUC’s per cigar and I like something with medium strength? Hossafus, In the Montecristo line, the #4 (petit Corona) is the worlds top selling Cuban cigar, I think, and is a great little smoke. Well less than your 8 CUC per smoke too. The #1s tend to be to long and tight for a casual smoker, and the #2s being too big.

I would highly recommend the Partagas Ser D #4. The cigar shop at Atlantico (a pleasant stroll from Brisas) normally has several boxes of these. They’re one of my personal favourites, a nice size and strength for the occasional smoker too.

Hi folks.Normal Cuban traveller here, but January were taking a cruise, and one of the stops is Falmouth.For anyone who’s been here, what do you recommend as a "must see or do" in the short time we’re there?If anyone has an opinion on the cigar shop there (don’t remember the name), please add that in.

Thank you.

Of the several places we’ve been, if I could pick one area as a first time, it would be Guardalavaca or Santa Lucia.

However, when recommending to someone, you have to keep their age, personalities, preferences, etc on mind. I wouldn’t send dad to Varadero, but I wouldn’t send my daughter to one of the remote places east of Santiago.

The "safe" feeling we get in Cuba ranks high on the list of why we go there often. Wifey could be a poster child for paranoia, so if she feels safe leaving the resort, it’s a given.Of the several areas we’ve been, when it comes to us enjoying being off the resort unescorted, we like Santa Lucia and Guardalavaca.At Santa Lucia, nearly every afternoon I was off the resort alone on a bicycle, visiting cafes and bars while she was in the room escaping the mid-May heat there.We’ve never had an issue, but again, we always use common sense, and never leave after dark.


If I may, the way the "Direct" was explained to me, by someone who works for an airline, is:Point "A" to point "B" with stops (as noted above) but with no change of plane.

Note that may be a definition of Airline "X", and others may vary.

The hottest time I’ve been to Cuba is the end of May. I’d go again, any time in the summer, in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, ity would have to be stag because Wifey found the May heat unbearable so later would be out for sure.

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