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I’ll bring some hoodies and warmer type clothing for a few friends. No medications unless I were to donate to a clinic…otherwise it could be dangerous to hand out without knowing the person’s total health and what could be harmful to them. Cash is king.

As a side note…Mad – anytime you would care to donate lobsters, you could perhaps send this way – I will show you tears of joy and my undying gratitude to you.

Boggling for sure. I do get the attractive prices for Cuba etc but we can afford the 5 star resort & have done so and it’s a choice for us. Don’t need all those bells & whistles that are in a higher end spot nor do they have the "ambiance" of a simpler resort. I certainly don’t consider myself a low class tourist. If I could show myself shaking my head here, I would.

Hey!  I just discovered the "like" button……..good stuff here at Debbie’s.

ok I found it. thanks everyone. Pretty sure it’ll be our February vacation. Now to decide – cabana vs room. Looks like a fantastic little place for us.

Marea de Portillo – For the life of me, I can’t find any reviews for this resort. Would it be under a different/old name?

Good thinking on the cargo pants idea. This is now something I will have to consider…although I’m really not sure I could do it. Guess I’m a creature of habit and require particulars in my carry on. Change is good though

Geez monctonguy where do you put your a) passport b) wallet c)glasses (if you need them) and god forbid where does anyone put their lipstick ? no no – no carry on just would not work for me

I’m always of the thought that although health care may not be up to our standards I question the availability of required medications should something arise. Broken bones can always be fixed but anything serious I’m skeptical about.  I’m hearing horror stores about travel insurance and their lack of paying up when a claim is issued.

Well true I’ve been around for quite some time. Thanks for the welcome though !! (I didn’t bother to re-instate my old account ).   I have gained quite a lot of knowledge from these forums and will continue to do so.  Now to change it up a bit….haven’t seen the "I fell in love with a man after seeing his tears of joy when I distributed gifts to his family …… " threads for awhile now……..

My point however is more about posters not answering a direction question and the topic goes way offside and the question really doesn’t get answered. 

That’s a beautiful looking casa. they do love bright colours in their décor don’t they?

Ok I have a rant. Personally I am so tired of posters that make their comments on issues that they have no knowledge of. For example….(maybe not here on Debbie’s) " I haven’t been there but I’ve heard" or impose their convictions on an innocent question (this is my biggest rant)   for example like how much is the dolphin swim.  Do people need to make their opinions the end all, be all ???? I have read the same ole – same ole from regular posters stating their opinions (which some are great) over and over …what just to be heard? I will give one example……….as  a poster either here or other forums asks the question about dolphins & swimming. Ok, most of us know & realize it’s so wrong BUT for those that are uneducated are lectured by some so called self professed experts about the act.  The poster merely asks a simple question and is lectured profuoundly. Our opinions are not necessarily correct. I don’t care how many times you have snorkelled or visited a resort, please respect what the poster has asked.   Geezus some folks appear to be experts but are actually quite uneducated.  End of my rant.

there really are many shades of grey here. RealHavana =
with all due respect you give out gifts in Montreal? I can’t imagine doing that here.. back in the day we did bring gloves for gardeners and after some time when we got to know the folk…they were honest & told us they are much too hot to wear – so we never brought them again. In all the resorts we’ve been to after that, we really have never seen any gardener wear gloves …..just to give an example. Moot point but what I’m trying to say is that what you have written is the opposite of what we have experienced. I truly can’t imagine giving something to a stranger whether here in Canada or cuba. 15 years ago there was little if any begging in Havana. Fast forward to now and it’s become rampant. They have discovered the knack of asking/begging and we the sympathetic Canadians give…’s making for a country just like dominican or Jamaica. I can’t personally justify handing out gifts or money……

I am tired of dragging my rather large carry-on/purse and it’s becoming too heavy to sling on my shoulder.  So, I have decided to use the bag on wheels.  It looks so much easier to pull this little carry on – although I have seen large ones being brought on the plane and squeezed into the above compartment on the plane.  How do some people get away with this larger size?  anyways, does anyone have thoughts on the lightest carry ons?  So far, I’ve only found ones that are 4 lbs. minium – there must be ones that weigh alot less ?

I really enjoyed the above post. Really I haven’t given that much thought about toys and find that interesting to bring toys – although my cuban friends have older children, for others this is valuable information. We have brought down shoes however. I’m not comfortable bring down bras/undies but it’s something to think about.

I do the opposite. I bring clothes for three teenage girls and always bring warmer type clothes – hoodies etc. As they live in Matanzas there are some chilly days and nights so the fleece items are a welcome.

We have had no problems booking with Holiday Market Travel out of Mississauga. I deal with Rick and after doing my research and finding what I want, he books it for me. I still like to talk to a person when booking my trips.

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