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I think we hit the most unfortunate week at the Farallon back in February. We would go about 1/2 hr after the dining room opened and they were not replenishing food….at all. The grill was being cleaned and little was left – even asked if we could get some chicken or fish and the answer was always no. No butter and maybe half dozen rolls/buns left. What remained was cold and not so appetizing. This was everyday. The snack bar however, was great and we always enjoyed what was offered there. They did run out of pizza mid week but there were several other options. There was no white wine for the entire week & they ran out of red mid week. The staff in the dining room however made our dining experience quite pleasant and their humour and the banter back & forth made up for lack of food!!!We thought that there should be a better system for allowing people from the Marea (there were many) coming for their meals. For the people that paid extra to stay at the Farallon, there was little food choices because of the sharing of the resort.

Disappointing to say the least.

well now Mad I so agree with you. I’m hanging my head in shame for not reading the rules….well I never go by the rules – then I thought well what the he** will I do with a stashbelt if I don’t have anything to stash? So, you’re right..rules are rules. (how the heck can I compete with a gun to your head anyways?) (and don’t bother with bbque instructions….just get people to invite you over to their bbque dinner)……

I’ll take Cristal also. At Club Amigo, Manzanillo all they served was Bucanero and didn’t like it at all. Acquired taste maybe

One thing about our vacations is that its totally electronic free…no laptop and no cell phones. Canuks that is what we do….we have met some awesome people at the airport and to date, are still great friends.

We are for the first time heading into Havana for a few days (staying in Jibacoa). We have spent time in Havana (day trips) but never for the night and it’s been years since we were there. It’s undaunting reading reviews on casas which for the most part, seem positive. Can anyone recommend a casa that is close to everything which would have a private terrace or balcony. It’s appealing to be able to sit on a balcony & watch the world go by, especially in Havana. We’re not too familiar with the different sections of Havana so advice on which areas to stay away from would be appreciated also.

thanks all for the ideas ! If I was by myself I would definitely get into reading my Kobo but since my SO is with me, I need to keep him occupied lol. Mad, I like the lounge idea and will check into to find out what it’s all about. Otherwise, go for a walk, walk to bar, go back to seat, walk to bar, go back to seat, blah blah blah AND then curse Sunwing for this delay. Sounds like a plan to me. Again, this isn’t something that I’ve thought about until today. Will also bring crossword puzzle = SO MIGHT be interested in that.  Won’t get into electronics (except for Kobo) as that is our promise to ourself that it is put away and not taken out until one week later.    Great ideas.

Delay either way. I hadn’t thought of cards until I read a thread on another forum so that’ll be included in my carry on. It would be painful to be stuck at Pearson in Toronto….

I’m still trying to figure out what a decent price would be for 10 days at CVJ (April). One week is still too high and I’ll wait until the price goes down, which it usually does.
@ sund0g…..we tried to get to Noriega’s summer home last year and apparently it was torn down just a few weeks prior to our going. Saw the you tube video and was fascinated by it so we were disappointed that it was gone.

Very expensive to travel at Christmas but wouldn’t mind taking off during that time – especially since winter has begun early in Northern Ontario.

It all sounds so delicious. Of course, bread in Cuba to start with is fantastic.

With the flight delays I’m reading with Sunwing what do people do at the airport to pass the time? We have always been lucky and haven’t given this much thought until recently.  Of course, it wouldn’t be too bad if delayed at the other end you could always sit outside & enjoy the warm weather & Cuban airport fumes  but otherwise it could be painful.  Cards, sit at the bar…… what?

Heading to Marea del Portillo in February. Lucky enough to return to Villas Cameleon, Jibacoa in April. At the rate our weather is going, I sure wouldn’t mind going south NOW ! unfortnatly, that won’t happen. Really need an infusion of vitamin D already … it’s way too early to need this.

well now ! I clicked on this thread thinking it was something else – totally unrelated to suitcases and something of a more interesting flavour. My bad !!

$820 all in which includes the VIP package for Marea de Portillo – Feb. 11. I thought was pretty darn reasonable since it’s also Valentine’s day and I think, Family day in there. Has anyone done this cheaper for that time frame?

It’s called a shopping trolley – "The Bag" Maison Plus. capacity 25 kg. Company is Portstyle Enterprises Inc out of Markham, Ontario.

I found it in a little bargain store in a town close to me. It’s comparable to a shopping cart that many elderly people use. Only weights about a pound !

Thanks all! I have just found a neat little pull buggy on wheels that can hold my carry on nicely. It’s lightweight and easy peasey to pull. thing is, I need to keep c-pap and battery pack in it along with some clothes/toiletries in case my luggage gets lost. It can get heavy with all this crap in it.

Awesome shots sssnakes… you have them put in picture books or store on your computer? Your pictures are always fascinating and fantastic.

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