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Never got down this Spring – so was considering going late Nov, early Dec – but I am afraid it won’t be HOT?!

But is it WARM then??? Hurricanes aside, is the weather generally nice??

Based on my research (never been to any of them), these are the hotels I am looking into (in order)Melia Las Dunas (reviews are good and pics are amazing!)Tryp PeninsulaPlaya PesqueroParadisus VaraderoBarcelo Marina PalaceFYI
When I took my 11 month old to Nicaragua last Easter, I took extra diapers as I was terrified I would run out – I was glad I did as he seemed to go through more . . . probably cause he was drinking more water than usual due to the heat. You can always leave any extra diapers for the maid, they are always well received.

Took lots of swimmers too, but the others are 100% correct. They usually don’t get dirty, and you can ring them out and they dry very quickly. I ended up doing this after a few days as my little guy was in and out so much that I was using a lot of them at first, and then caught on to the idea of re-using the clean ones. On the case of swimmers I bought there was a pkg of stickers included that you stick on the baby’s skin and they change colour if there is too much sun getting on the baby’s skin. Very useful – just have to hide it from their view as they will pick it off :^)

I stayed there last April – had a great time. Our room was great (in the new section) but admittedly there were some REALLY BAD rooms in the older section, esp in the lower floors.They had the most beautiful grounds I have yet to encounter.


thanks for the info – just have to wait for a seat sale now :^)

canoesue: I am sure you will have a great time.

The Sol Pel’s website says they do???I am very interested to hear what you have to say about the Barcelo marina Palace. I had friends who went with a large group and it was great for all, but my sister’s friends were there and they complained about the mosquitos . . . If we go, it will be in March, as my son will only cost me $16 (adminstrative fee) if we go before he turns 2, after that, it’ll be $1200!! Or so the TA tells me?!

I look forward to your review!

Looking at going last minute this year and have the field narrowed down based on the best reviews for the baby clubs at the hotels – thought I would start a thread to see if anyone had any feedback (positive or negative) about any of these hotels – in relation to the baby clubs and atmosphere for children (less than 2y):1. Melia Las Dunas, Santa Maria2. Hotel Tryp Varadero3. Playa Pesquero, Holguin4. Paradisus Varadero5. Sol Cayo Santa Maria6. Sol PelĂ­cano 7. Barcelo Marina Palace, Varadero (included this, but with al the bad info I have heard about the bugs/mosquitos, etc. due to the swamp nearby, I think I have it crossed off . . . )Thanks in advance for your time!
Playa Pesquero advertises a "Babies Club" does anyone know of any other hotels in Cuba that have such a thing (versus a kids club that are for older children)?
Never been to Cuba with my son (yet), but spent 2 weeks in Nicaragua at the AI Barcelo . . . had lots of great advice from the people from this forum (I am an old poster from way back and I knew the people here would help me :^)One word . . . S-T-R-O-L-L-E-R!!!!!!! It was a life saver. We bought a $20 one at Walmart with a large canopy and a space to store stuff – it was great. Had planned on leaving it there for one of the maids, but we thought we might need it at the airport. (Thank God, as between the Miami & Toronto airports we were delayed 24 hours in getting home to NS!)We brought all of own OTC meds and some stuff that his dr. gave us, just in case. Never used anything.Lots of hats (with straps) and lots of sunglasses. Noah started to walk down there, so good footwear is a must on the hot, bumpy terrain.Wipes for cleaning off the high chairs (these are a must EVERYWHERE you go). The high chairs where we stayed had no straps (kind of old style), luckily my stepfather had an extra belt that we used so that he would be safer in it. Perhaps you could check ahead?Good SUN clothes for the UV rays. Kids sunscreen and bug repellent (the pharmacist helped me getting the right stuff for an 11 month old – make sure you read the labels – just because it says kids doesn’t mean that they should use it. One bottle had "for kids" on the front label, but the back said "recommended for kids over 8y").snacks that travel wellextra bottles or sippy cups in case you can’t get to wash stuff right awaywent to the dollar store for some toys for the beach and pool and then left them all there for the maidwe had brought a life jacket and a float that he gets into, suppose to be safer, but he hated them bothjuice boxes, if they are of that ageLots of diapers, wipes, creams etc. as they are usually not readily available.Yes – check for immunizations. My son was scheduled to have a lot just before we travelled, as he was turning 1 down there, plus it was recommended that he get Hep A and B. So my dr and I sat down and discussed what he REALLY needed and went from there. Ironically, because we were travelling via Toronto, there were more health alerts from there than in Central America! (mumps, measles) So include the airports in your discussion with your dr. hmmm. i am sure there are a million other things, but I can’t think of them right now. Will add more if I do . . .

Have a wonderful trip!

Bebbie: Sorry it has taken me so long to reply! I have not been on the computer much lately. When we got back from our "big trip", I went back to work a few days later – I had been off for a year, so things have been a bit of an adjustment. It was a wonderful trip! Highly recommend it! I guess it was a long day, but we "earned" 3 hours due to the time difference, so that made it easier. We arrived in the afternoon – so we still had a day to relax.I hope you get to go again soon!


It took me a little while to get my review typed and sent, but it is now up.Just wanted to thank everyone again for helping me out so much with my trip. (Special thanks to Ben!)Hope I can return the favour some day . . .


Hey – starting to go through clothes that I want to pack and was wondering how much closet/dresser space there was?In my experiences before, there were never any hangers to speak of and little dresser space . . . should I take my own hangers?ThanksS.
lhflynn:We are a family of 6 and will be travelling with a lot of luggage because we are travelling with an infant: they told us that "GreyLine" will be picking us up – are you familiar with this?? I am assuming it is a small bus??


I have no idea about buses (we booked a ride through our agent) but I will be there from March 21 – April 04, so I will try to find out for you . . .

We are past the 3 month mark – and I am soooooo excited. While there hasn’t been much activity on this site; there have been some good/new reviews on the "other site".

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Yes, Bangor would be an option – perhaps if we go back, we’ll go that route. I was looking for the quickest and most direct route possible as I will be travelling with my son. Also, half of our group is coming from Nfld, so we’ll all just meet up in Toronto . . .


No, we are leaving out of Toronto. We booked the tickets through American Airlines, Toronto to Managua via Miami; then booked the hotel portion (separately) through Trip Central (they were able to get a better rate than I was able to get). We also booked the transfers through them as well . . . when it was all said and done, it was a little less than if we had to have booked a package. I am very excited! We are busy getting our vaccinations figured out – can’t wait!
You guys are making me so excited!! It is going to be a long 5 months waiting!Had another Q:What are you allowed back via customs? What are the amounts for liquor, etc.?Thanks


Thanks, agian, Ben – your the best!Glad to hear about the electricity! We were worried about getting sterilized water for our baby’s bottles. Now we can just take a travel kettle with us and boil the bottled water!Hopefully you will find your list – I would love to see it!Thanks, again!


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