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Most of the the things in our carry-ons on the way down is either consumed or packed in the suitcase on the way back so there’s very little in our carry-ons. We just use this room at the Duty Free, usually just 4 bottles of Havana Club 7.

I knew I had a very healthy immune system but didn’t realize I’d be the only one not afflicted with these symptoms. Just like any vacation, I go, have a great time, get on the plane, come home and get back on with my life – just a memory. Then I start thinking about when and where to go next.

I’m booked Varadero with Westjet and my taxes are $85.00. It’s apples and oranges to try and separate flight and taxes between locations/airlines. I don’t even look at the two separately, just the total.

Before I went to California last year I went to Wal-Mart and got a clearance nylon backpack for $5.00 that weighed almost nothing. Fits everything I need, can be squashed and conformed to fit in almost any space available. Any name branded, wheeled or handled carry-ons of any kind I have now don’t leave my closet except for road trips.

I’m probably in the other minority – I do not want to hear any music when I’m on the beach (and I never sit by the pool). The sound of the surf is music to my ears. The other, I can get any time.

I’m with eclaire. It’s an inexpensive escape where no one can reach me and I can actually relax. Sunshine, drinks, ocean, no McDonalds, no WalMarts.

I read about where I want to go. I’ve had a number of resorts on my list that I’m making my way through one at a time. Once we’ve decided on a date I look on line, find a price I can live with, grab my credit card and print my e-tickets.

I’m totally a beach person but my perfect beach is any kind of sand, rocks, some weeds and lots of natural trees. I try to avoid wide white sand beaches with nothing on them but palapas. I will choose a tree to sit under for shade than a palapa any day.

Our first family trip 14 years ago we took one 30" American Tourister suitcase for the 4 of us, in which we also put 2 childrens lifejackets. For the life of me I can’t figure out how we did that. Now that it’s just my husband and I we take 2 30" suitcases and they’re both full. Although last trip there was extra room even with snorkel gear and our own coffee maker. I am getting better at packing but I think I have a long way to go.

I think everyone I know has booked a trip south this year to go in March or April, even those who rarely go. This has been one brutal winter. Tour operators aren’t having to cut their prices to the bone to sell. Even March around here is supposed to be much colder than usual. I’m not sure if there will be many seats left for last minute deals

Always prebook near the front of the plane a window and a middle seat. Although the last flight we flew Club Class and I realized I’ve flown enough now that I’m well past that excitement of looking out the window. I think in future, if not Club Class, I’ll be doing 2 aisle seats.

Too much nervous energy to do anything. I pace, watch for our plane to arrive, watch them unloading and loading, double check my boarding pass/passport several times – drives my husband crazy.

… Slap in the face was finding out we don’t qualify for government pension income assistance because we’ve saved too much.
If you’re talking about Old Age Security, actually it has nothing to do with how much you’ve saved, it has to do with how much income you receive. As long as your net income when you’re 65 or older is not above $62,000, it’s not affected (that’s $124,000/couple). ¬†This isn’t new, it’s been the same for years.

Looking to go to Breezes Jibacoa in early May. Any input on how hot/humid we could expect it to be?

We’ll I think I’ve paid $5.00 for a bottle of water at the Toronto airport but would only pay $2.00 at the corner store down the street. It’s more about where you’re buying it.

And thanks to you Crystal for your comments about Akumal Beach Resort many years ago. It put it in my mind and kept it there for several years until we finally got there in November thus year and had a wonderful snorkelling trip.

I agree completely Crystal. If prices were today what they were then, relative to the average income, I’m pretty confident a vast majority of the people who take annual vacations would not be doing so. You just can’t compare "how it used to be" with today’s budget charters. Sadly in today’s world everyone is all for quantity over quality. The masses speak with their wallets.

Not sure about Cuba each time but certainly somewhere. Haven’t been to Cuba in 2 years but we’re looking at early May. Chances of topping your 47+ visits aren’t likely but it’s a goal!

No, not at all. Maybe the slower economy will decrease demand and we’ll see some good last minute prices. Regardless, I’d pay full price and we’re planning on twice a year now til we drop.

Actually reading your post the first thing that popped into my head is "My passport would never go into the overhead bin". It does stay in my carry-on though which I always put under the seat in front me, never overhead. But after 46 trips to Cuba I’m sure you’ve got your travel routine down pat and it works.

Pierre, you are exactly right. You pay for an adults only resort and that is what you get. However, the resort you pay for is adjacent to the public ocean and the beach which you get to enjoy while staying at your resort. It is not part of your paid for package, it’s actually a perk. The resort provides chairs, etc. for your convenience and enjoyment. Having children on the beach or in the water has nothing to do with whether your resort is adults only or not and nothing the resort has control over.

.[/quote]Not during the reign of terror¬† by a now (thankfully) vanished moderator, it wasn’t! IMHO[/quote]I think the title of this thread was "Debbies today". Not sure why you feel to need to drag up negative things from the past. It certainly doesn’t add anything.

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