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So some updates on the Havana excursions–hfxjohn’s recommendation has not returned my email in over 24 hours.-Jorge is asking 290 (mainly because the round trip is at 165 of it-Cuba Connection and Cuba Outings are about half of that price. I am still waiting on clarification of price in a convertible as one offered in until the outskirts of Varadero and the other was unclear on it.

The best advice I think I have heard is either the Catamaran or a 1/2 Day snorkeling with cave visit. I haven’t seen a tour for it, but seems they are available from the hotels or tour reps.

Is it like other countries where you can find inexpensive sim cards for unlocked phones and get a pre-paid short term plan?

I can’t imagine what it will cost me to use Rogers.

I am going to be with my two boys, 13 and 14 in a few weeks. We’re only there for 5 nights at Iberostar Varadero.1. I am planning a day trip to Havana and have some info from Jorge. The cost of trip each way is $85/$80.  Is there a better way without the bus?  It’s a shame that over half the money is for the round trip.2. can anyone recommend a good guide in Havana for kids that age? We had some great ones over the years that were specifically geared to kids 

2. does anyone have any other outings they’d recommend that are only partial days?

I’m staying with my two boys 13 and 14.1.  Does anyone have experience with this hotel in terms of the A la Carte restaurants?2. Is the nightclub active with guests (vs. those resorts that fill them with staff to make them look like they’re not empty)
I’m going to go to one of these for 5 days in April.I am a single dad with two boys 13 and 14.   They are old enough to be left alone in the room at night.The Blau is about $500 less for us for the 5 nights, but the Iberostar seems unrivaled for overall satisfaction.Things that matter are:Foodshaded pool areas availablegym (maybe)showsother single adults 35-50something to do at night

Anyone have experience with either? 

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