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Looking for excellent locations to snorkel.My wife and I are avid snorkelers so we have a rental car and will go to extra effort to find a great location. Any help would be appreciated> trip is Dec7-14 2014

My wife and I are looking at renting a house. Can you recommend any houses that you have rented?


What room would be give me the closest access to the beach.I realize that the coba is not near the beach so I would like to request a room number that would get me the beach the fastest and near the shuttles.

I am traveling to mexico on Jan23. I have not recieved the H1N1 shot. My wife is concerned that I may run into trouble when traveling to Mexico. I stay away from any types of meds. I would prefer not to take the shot but I dont want to have problems gaining access to mexico.Does anyone have an information that would suggest that I need the H1N1 to travel to Mexico?

Thanks Steve

I am looking for snorkeling advice. Which are the best locations? Also ,how safe is venturing out on your own on the island

Only Thing I can add is that I wish i wore flippers for the flat stretches. But like already mentioned you can get out in many places

Which is the best section to have your room if you want to walk out your room and be next to the best section to snorkel.

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