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When you go to Buffalo, home of the Bills, LOL you might try and find a beer called Dragon’s Gold by Bards Tale Beer and a new one that will be available soon from the same company called Tavern Ale.

Smiley I don’t know where you live but if in Ontario then there are many beer stores that sell gluten-free beer called Le Messagere Red and also La Messagere from the brewery New France Beer. However if you live outside of Ontario just go to their web page and you can order it on line. Hope this helps you out.

I’m sure you will just love St. Martin & St. Maarteen as you probably already know it is a duty free port with such things as jewelry, clothing, alcohol, perfume, etc at excellent prices. Also St. Bart is IMHO a very very expensive place to visit with outrages prices. If my memory serves me correctly there is an excellent restaurant as you walk to-wards the town on your right. It has long flowing flowers going down the wall and you have to climb up the side stairs to get to it. It is just before you get to the city center (centre) and is painted white and pink. Great food and drinks there at a very reasonable price.

If you have time I would recommend you rent a car and tour around the island as it will only take an hour or two at the most. You will love this island I’m sure. Happy vacation

It has been a few years since we last went there and if my memory serves me correctly, getting old you know, there was no direct flight from Canada to Bonaire. In fact I do believe we had a eight hour lay-over until our final flight would take us there. However Bonaire is an extremely beautiful country that is still unspoiled and one would hope it stays that way

We were there a few years ago in Feb and in March and found it did rain for just a few minutes. It never lasted very long at all, however we did find it quite windy most of the time.

Let me start off by saying the Divi is NOT one of my favorite resorts to go to. Several reasons for that are 1/ constantly being hounded by the timeshare people, 2/ next to no beach and 3/ only one a la carte restaurant. The rooms and food however are adequate but nothing to right home about and in fact you have to pay extra for some cuts of meat. If I were you I would consider the Great Bay instead.

Hi All,I’m looking to book my vacation for november. I tought I’d do something different this year and go to Venezuela. My travel agent suggest Hotel Dunes or LTI Costa Caribe. I usually go to Punta Cana. And I’m going alone this year.Can anyone tell me if it’s safe to go to Margarita Island alone? Is it better than Punta Cana in terms of accomodation, food and beach (I love to swim in the ocean)? Last thing : any comments on the two hotel suggested ny my travel agent?Thanks all!Annie

Montreal, Quebec

I don’t really know which of the Dunes your TA has suggested but the Beach resort is my favorite of the two. Very nice resorts with lots to do if you wish to participate in them. However I would advice against the LTI as in my last trip the resort it seems to be running down quite quickly and the staff just didn’t seem to care. Now please remember these are just my opinions and others may disagree with the. The beaches and food I found were much better in P.C. and there was so much more to do there. Is it safe in Margarita, well if you take your usual precautions just like if you were at home then you should be fine. If I had to make a choice between either P.C. or Margarita it would be Punta Cana and once again just my opinion.

Just noticed the date as 2007 but it still might help others.

Looking froward to reading all about your trip to this resort. I hope you had a wonderful time.

You will be able to read about my last two reviews in the other two forums as I’m sure they will be posted within a day or two at the very latest. My late father wrote most of the reviews, was a mod. in the D.R. Forum, but I did help him write many of them myself.

Hey stills, I’m thinking 100 reviews might get you a direct response from the new owners.
He doesn’t have to bother as the last review, still not posted, will be my very last one in here. I will however post in other forums where it seems I and I’m sure others will be more appreciated for sending them our reviews. Such a shame that it has to come to this. If the excuse was that time was needed to sort everything out then the owner should have realized just what he has gotten himself into. Oh well his lose not mine

Of course I’m sure we are all aware that the mods. have nothing to do with the reviews. However I’m also sure they, the mods., are also well aware that any resort can change in a couple of weeks so therefore it would seem such a waste of our time if the reviews are not posted within a few weeks and not in a months time. To much at the resorts could and probably have changed there to make our reviews seem accurate. IMHO of course. I for one who has sent in well over one hundred reviews in the past about many resorts in many countries will not be doing that anymore as it might get posted who knows when. My time is valuable also

It sure seems more then a little odd that it has taken over three weeks to get a review posted. Not only in this forum but also in the D.R. Forum many many members have not had their reviews posted. However this , we are told is due to the new ownership, but since we are not allowed to criticize the Mods or owners I guess most of us will just have to wait and see just how long it will take to get posted. Maybe after several months it JUST might get posted or when the new management finds the time to look after his members. I’m sure this would never ever happen if the previous owner, Debbie, was still here to post our reviews. Seems like posting our reviews is just a huge waste of time IMHO

Following the change of ownership, new reviews are now posted.
Not necessarily true.

Have a wonderful trip and all the best to you and yours now and in the future

I noticed on my last minute deal that several on-line tour companies have sent me that Mexico is available to book on June 5th onward. In fact some of their deals are quite good, for example a four and a half resort in Mexico was going for $375CAD with AC and AT as the carriers. Hopefully that will cause the cost of the trips to Cuba to drop. Well we can all hope it does anyways.

Isn’t it strange that I sent in a review well over a week ago and it still has not been posted. So sad, Debbie always posted within a day or two.

I really don’t think it depends on what country you are from whether a tip or gift is provided. I’ve seen many cases where both Canadians and non-Canadians never left a tip. One place we were at a couple for Argentina were at the same a la carte as ourselves and they actually ran out of the restaurant as soon as both waiters went into the kitchen without leaving a tip of any kind. The same happened with two Canadian couples as well even though the service was IMHO excellent. So therefore I believe nationalities have very little to do with who tips and gives gifts. It’s an individual thing.

I have read this and it seems Debbie and Pat are now taking a long well deserved vacation from the forums. Thanks a million Debbie

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""Important News Read Here"

Thank you so very much Torah for the great info. Just might have to try both. LOL

Glad you had a wonderful time. We arrive on the 14th of this month. Just one question, I was in the review section and several posters mentioned a flying boat ride. Is that like para-sailing?

Totally agree martian as it really changes very little. In fact Americans other then Cuban Americans still cannot go to Cuba.

So am I to understand this correctly that as it was stated in a previous post that we travelers cannot bring more then two of one item to Cuba. Does that mean since I wanted and have already purchased ten baseball and six baseball gloves to hand out to the children of Cuba that I will not be able to pass custom in Cuba with them???

I must agree with scovanotian in that we have never had a problem with that site

I have personally used belairtravel which has the same type of deal as for "beat the competitions price". They have always matched every on-line company by at least a minimum of $15 or more. However after saying that they all seem to equal themselves out as to their discount over their competitors

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