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I’d hardy call it a crackdown unless you think the new limits of only 20 razors, 30 bars of soap, 15 pairs of shoes, 24 panties, etc. will really cramp your style… Cheers,TerryI was more concerned with the limit on swim suits lol!!
Regarding the new customs entry regulations !!! I am just talking about tourist workers.
I was wondering if they would be checking tourists with the new regulations in place. A few discussions mentioned the thought that the new rules were geared more towards cuban-americans returning with suitcases full of gifts for their families and extended families. Has the crack-down started already?

Isn’t the Mayanabo closed for renos during the months of September and October? Or did I mis-read that somewhere? Tripcentral has it blocked off for those two months. Given this, I would think the deals wouldn’t be as great at the other three because of this. Just a thought..

Heineken was available on arrival at Santa Clara July 11. No cristal or bucanero (was told delivery issues).The hot white russian sounds delicious..will have to try that next trip.

I am not hooked on the 11 year Santiago…had one every evening. Also got to try the 20 year old Santiago. OMG I could have just sat and sniffed it all evening…the caramel smell was wonderful!

Welcome back! I was able to enjoy 1 week of those hot temps and humidity and took your advice about lots of water and a cup of hot tea here and there. It was beautiful on the beach with a nice breeze off of the ocean. This was on CSM. Looking forward to seeing your photos!

July 18 at Santa Clara airport the price was $6.80. It was only available in the second store after passing through security. It was $10.90 on CSM…. someone is obviously making $$ on this. A few staff members also told me that it has been difficult to find in their towns lately. I stocked up and brought back 4 bottles.

Holy confusion, Batman! I’ve never actually stayed at Kawama, so no first hand experience with the charging. Not sure why my friend’s son’s DS wouldn’t in that case? Bad outlet? My boy has the regular 3DS, so I’ll have to take another squint at the charging cable; the USB is a good idea too. We don’t have one, but imagine EB Games would carry them…

Forget UB Games…check walmart or Winners..much cheaper. I took my blackberry plug and charged all of my devices through that. It has a USB connection and the plug says 110v-240v. Perhaps a friend might have an extra to lone you for your trip?

I just returned and had no problem exchanging $50 and $100 bills on different occasions…once at airport and then a couple of times at hotel. Was never questioned about them at any time.

I am back and was told the person made it to the USA. Still not sure why illegally, but I have my suspisions…worked for Gaviota. I was told if they did not make it, they would not have a job and would face some jail time. It would also be difficult to find another job, so they would end up trying over and over until successful.

Just returned yesterday and yes the tides were a bit higher than normal. I was a little surprised how high they were the morning of the 13 and 14. Not much rain through the week; only late evening showers/downpours. These lasted for a very short period of time. As for other activity; seemed to be a fair amount…people wandering around the wee hours heading toward the beach!

I’m on my way bright and early tomorrow morning…should be on the beach by 3ish and in the ocean by 3:01~ humidex is tracking at 40+!

I can let you know if it has any effect in about a weeks time. I heading out tomorrow… run into enough crazies without the full…but come to think of it, last trip was that super moon? in April and the tides were a tad higher than normal according to staff at the resort. I didn;t really notice. But wow great pics! I’ll see if I can get some good shots this time around and post when I get back.

Can anyone advise on the distance from Cayo Santa Maria to Moron? How long would it take to drive and how are the road conditions. I won’t be doing the driving but would like to be aware before travelling.

With the weather we have been having lately, it will be nice to be able to jump in the ocean to cool off. It has been sticky hot in Ontario these last few days.

Thanks for the replies. This person was leaving for good. I have no idea why they went via illegal boat. Just curious about the penalties if caught. Will ask why on my next trip and see if anyone can shed some light. I am pretty sure it wasn’t an issue of money. The person has a foreign spouse.

prices are down at Santa Clara from the middle of April. I paid around $10 then and 10.90 on CSM.

Coco Taxi in Cuba:

Chuckled the other day in Toronto…actually saw a few of these down along the waterfront! Maybe it will become the new way to get through busy sections of the city.

Hopefully it’s not too humid on Cayo Santa Maria mid July. The latest into to summer I have been is May, so this is new for me. Anyone know if it is hot and sticky in Remedios around that time? There are a couple of restaurants I wouldn’t mind checking out. Will let those interested know upon my return how buggy it is!

Does anyone know what would happen to an individual who tried to leave cuba on an illegal boat and was unsuccessful? Said person worked in tourism, so I am going to guess they would never get a job in tourism again. No idea if they actually made it or not. Would there be jail time if unsuccessful?

Book a resort with super AC and be prepared to retreat to your room for a Siesta.
Remember, Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the …

No worries on the air conditioning where I am going. I usually have to turn it down…it is freeeezing! Siesta is always a must!

Well it better not be that way next summer when I visit Santa Clara airport!! It’s a long bus drive from the airport to the resorts I hear, which would be made longer by lack of cold Cristal at the airport!!

In April, there was no beer at Santa Clara airport on arrival or departure. When we asked why not, no one could give us an answer. They did have lots of rum around though. We asked at the resort and a few of the bartenders said they heard there were delivery issues around that time. I thought it would have cleared up by now. Didn’t notice a shortage of beer at the resort though….cristal, bucanero, heineken and becks were all available…only mayabe (sp?) was missing. Hopefully it’s corrected before the end of June!!

I am planning on travelling in July this year. The closest month I have been to the summer was in May a number of years ago in Varadero. It was hot and buggy! I don’t mind the showers, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Looking forward to the beach. Hoping there is a breeze. Heading back to Santa Maria…it was gorgeous in April. Hope it’s not too hot in July!

Hola!We’ve recently started some "Major Research" on the Sol CSM… but the 90 min (or so) drive is a real detriment!Therefore, this thread will be utilized for all of our small and/or silly questions pertaining to "All that is Sol Melia"! What do the Boy Scouts say? Always be prepared!!! Definitely less disappointment that way… Soooo….. we just started looking (again) at the Sol Cayo Guillermo. We looked at it a few years back and know that Frommer’s has it listed as their favourite resort in the whole area.Of course, what do I find today? This notice of "Construction" during the time we are looking to travel:

Does anyone have any more info regarding how much this will entail?Will there still be a beach restaurant on site? One of our favourite things to do is dine with the Ocean breezes and the Ocean views!

Don’t let the 90 minute drive deter you. This time does pass quickly. The beach es are absolutely gorgeous.

You were fortunate to find it stingray! I just love Legendario but I fear that I may never taste it again! Bocoy Rum Factory in Havana Closed Indefinitely

I was quite surprised myself…especially finding it on the counter at the resort shop. I had first looked at a cigar shop where they were selling good quality rum and the guy basically told me good luck! But, wow the stuff creeps up on you! Have to ask my friends to try and round up a cpl of bottles for me before my return visit. (they’ll probably drink it before I get back!)

So is this first time you taking oil of oregano and you see the difference on bites? I usually take oil of oregano 5 drops with honey if I feel my throat getting sore. Oil of oregano was used long time ago by Greeks as antibacterial / antibiotic. [/quote]

No, I have taken it before for colds, but a friend suggested taking it before the trip to see if it would scare away the bugs! It worked for me..somewhat. I will always get bites, but this trip not as many and not as itchy. Also, in the past the bites continued to itch once I git home and the itching lasted for weeks. This time, I didn’t even notice once I got home and no scars!

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