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I just wring out the " Bucaneros " from my clothes when I get home ;D
"I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I have yet to see a media report of tourists starving to death while in Cuba "
I see a lot of overweight tourists in Cuba, including myself, but we don’t go home malnourished – must be the rum and cerveza.

Most of us travel for the same reasons and have experienced different countries and types of food. There are places that I have eaten that many people would not even consider acceptable. If I had limited myself to so – called better restaurants or resorts , I would have missed many wonderful meals and friendship with local people who have enriched my life. Everywhere I have been, I have refused to expect or demand the same standards that I have at home . If I am eating with a friend in his country ,how can I not accept his hospitality.
Each country and resort that I have been to has offered different presentations of food – some elaborate and some minimal. To me, I do not find much difference , only in amounts of food. I do not travel to Cuba to complain about the food, I go to enjoy the people.

"but for me, the beach is lowest of low priorities. I enjoy walking on the beach, yeah, but am just as happy snoozing by the pool."
Me too but close to the bar.
Check out this site – I have an unlocked GSM phone – Worked great in El Salvador and Jamaica but haven’t used it in Cuba yet – next month.
My apologies – we were in the poor section by the kitchen in Building 2 – just stairs -the railings were great after a few? drinks. ;D
Take some just in case – we did not experience any bugs anywhere we went. I usually drink enough to ward off the demons. ;D
Just back on Monday.No elevators – no coffee makers – no tea kettles – safe $3/day – shampoo.

Glad to answer any other questions.

" I’ve got a retired Air Canada pilot working for me who strongly advised paying the extra "They should know about charging more than anyone else.

Cubana is as good if not better than others.

"Yes it may be easier said then done but i am the way i am, if others don’t like it then too bad! IMO……. I am not going to try to work my ass off just for a trip, why? it’s not going to change anything, you will gain it all back on your holiday….. with all those yummy drinks and food….. i have done that before….. not no more! It used to bother me and i cared what others thought, by why… you don’t know them, you’ll never see them again… so why worry about it…. just my thought! i have more stress in my life then needed and to worry about what others will think of my body is more stress then i need to have, so i choose not to worry about it at all anymore. if they don’t like it,"

What I like to see is women relaxing and enjoying the food and drinks that are offered at their resort – not the " prissy missys " who prance around and do nothing but complain and try not to get their jewellry in the food.

For men; Shirt with a collar, lightweight long pants and closed toe shoes. Pretty well standard everywhere!There are lot’s of local exceptions but I can tell you at least once when a friend was refused for wearing dress shorts at a table for 12, so don’t count on talking your way around it.Many of the A La Cartes expect you to dress as nicely as their service will be. Staff expect it too! It’s a respect thing. They get dressed up … you get dressed up.

Otherwise use the buffet.

Some people expect the best resort , the best restaurants ,best service etc. but are suprised when the men are asked to put a pair of pants on when going out for dinner .Many people pay a lot of money for their vacations and their expectations are high – rightfully so . Do they not think that others going to the same resort have expectations too ?Why do people expect nice restaurants but want to dress like they are going to a snack bar ?It’s amazing that some men have to be told what to wear when dining at a nice restaurant. Is it too difficult to look nice for your wife and pretend that she is special ? Has anyone ever observed couples going out for dinner ? The wife is all dressed up in anticipation of a wonderful dinner out ( sometimes for the first time in a long time ) with her husband . He , quite often , is dressed and ready with his clunky sandals , t-shirt and shorts .

Respect .

I would absolutely not advise you to book as a group ( usually 10 or more ). You will get a far better deal(s) if you wait as you normally would to find a better price . Group discounts ? are based on the book price and you would be wise to make your own deals.

Skyservice’s attempt to emulate Air Transat’s ClubClass falls very short in comparison. StarClass passengers are mixed with regular passengers in the front of the plane and they in no way have the same or comparable service provided by AT ClubClass.
Returning from Montego Bay Jamaica to Toronto , we decided to upgrade to StarClass – $60US/PERSON– big mistake. All we got were more uncomfortable seats, although more leg room, and nothing more than we would have got in regular seats – cost -$120US. Never again . If anyone does book Skyservice StarClass ?, please make sure that you get everything you pay for and more – nothing less.
StarClass – far from it !

Robert May nailed it for me too…

Travel Agents are usually asleep when I get my best deals – Why should I wake them up – too late – sold out – too bad !

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