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Forgive me for this: From your profile: "Username: spunky Last Online: Jan 5, 2015 at 16:33".This is the end of September so for 8 and a half months someone has been posing as you. Identity theft I assume. Or maybe it has something to with being a moderator and you are no longer a plebe?

Shoppernut: I know the attraction of a resort that makes you feel great. I’m not a fan of Varadero (only been there twice); but I do know the feeling of family at your favourite place; its got to really hurt when it’s gone. But so far we’ve been lucky; haven’t had to deal with devastation or demolition. Our once favourite in the Cayo’s became unbearable for us so we moved. We went south and will probably have to move again, hopefully not any time soon. Once the real luster and surroundings and infrastructure get so bad that the place has gone hill drastically – we’ll move on I’m sure. Never been to the International but know that so many people were surprised when the sudden unexpected demolition occurred. But be pessimistic – who knows what you will find!!!

Lovecuba: Too funny! I sure wouldn’t mind being stuck at Galeones as long as I’m home for Christmas Eve. I wish my TA hadn’t gone on vacay; he has ways of getting info for me as needed. Another reason to book with the same person wherever we travel to. He’s a godsend to disgruntled travellers and I found out he also lives in our little city so got his contact #s. Which didn’t help me in your case; just can’t win them all. Hoping that all works out for you and others. Please keep us advised.

Lovecuba: Did you call your TA. I’ve noticed that Cubana has nothing listed (that I could find) from about Nov 25 to end of December. Maybe they haven’t paid the fuel bill yet!!

I spoke to another TA at Trip Central because my guy is on vacay (in Mexico). She called Hola Sun who would only address my booking for Nov 26. Yes, I am confirmed everything is a go. Hola Sun wouldn’t give her any info about any other flights unless the TA was the rep for the flier. So I really can’t explain what’s going on (did find out that our resort Galeones is sold out for that week but there are other resorts that may or maynot be available). I didn’t check to see if other areas in Cuba serviced by Hola Sun were showing a problem. Lovecuba: it sounds like the usual Hola Sun mix-up; I’ve never used Scotia to book a trip and I had no idea what hotel you’re going to. Not much help to you but I’d give another phone call to them with your booking #. They answered pretty promptly for my TA about 10 minutes ago. Let us know what you find out; fingers crossed for you.

#10: we received our first itinerary on July 9 with CL listed as a stop. Then on Aug 11 received a revised itinerary showing direct flights in&out bound. But yesterday I left a message for my TA to check into for us. Haven’t heard from him yet; but I’ll let you know what he says.

Hey Guys: we leave on Nov 26 and tickets originally said Cayo Largo stop on return. Now with new tickets, it is straight through both ways. I’m not a travel agent (but always use one). If it was me, I’d be calling my TA to get things settled now and not later.

It is the TA’s job to check for discrepancies and do the best to correct misunderstandings. This doesn’t seem like a misunderstanding; it just sounds to me like a ‘blip’. But like Iggy, I would also be on the phone to everyone looking for answers. But try not to take it out on staff members – they don’t have the power. Go to the top and get the information from the Pres; the VP, all the way up. As I said to lovecuba in another thread, please let me know what the results are. Fingers crossed that it is just a technical issue that they are working on. Let us all know!

LoveCuba: We have tickets with Cubana for Nov 26 and departing Dec 10 (going to Santiago). And I do see your problem. Since we have confirmation, I’m not going to be too worried yet! But I was amazed to see 3 continuous weeks with no info! I can believe that certain dates will be unavailable because of seats on plane all booked; but for at least 21 days in a row? We are going AI but for those who are booking flight only (and there are so many airlines to pick from), I’m sure there must be a problem on the other end. Since I am on Hola and you are also looking at Hola (not reliable correspondence at any time), hope you booked with an agent. I will be following this thread to see the outcome and I’m hoping I don’t hear from my TA that our trip is included in this brouhaha. Please keep us advised. But I do think it’s just a glitch somewhere.

Benni: I am so impressed! As a real newbie to Cuba, on your first trip you asked thousands of questions (well maybe only 100 or so); you and Hub spent 6 weeks wandering the island and left us with such a wonderful blog. Loved reading it all. It seems that it wasn’t that long ago (last week?) that you returned. I’m so happy you’re going back again. We all told you that you would love it! (PS: photos on the blog were great too!).

Hollydog: We leave for Galeones (2 weeks) and are leaving Nov 26. Sounds like the same flight we’re having (same departure & arrival times). We were there in March/April this year and also had a short stop in CL, not even enough time to finish our beer! 20 minutes or so later, we were at Santiago. This trip we have direct back to Pearson with no stops. We’ve travelled with them several times now and everything has been on time and crews are efficient. I’m going to try to get our check in clerk at Pearson to allow us to book our return seats; wish me luck!

About 2 years ago, an older bride posted on here about ideas for her destination wedding. She was having 57 guests and asked them all to donate to Cuban charities, orphanage, disabled orgs, etc. Lenny (I think they also asked for donations to JL & Marion). Ald1, not sure how old your bride & groom are, but if they have been living together for a while, perhaps they have most everything they need? I know that as I get older when Christmas comes around, I send a cheque to the recipients pet charities who send a thank you card to the recipient. It was heartwarming to hear from the newly married couple what a difference they had made in Cuba. Yeah, yeah. I know very few young newly marrieds can do that. This is just a suggestion and you can check with bride & groom if they have personal preferences as to charities that they support whether in Cuba or at home. If you know them, it should be easier for you to ask, if they are like remote friends or relatives – do what Desmei or Zendudette suggested. The gifts are more personal and (IMO) a lot more romantic.

And the luggage allowance is awesome. Flying from Toronto, you get 46 KG checked and 10 KG carry on. That is per person! I think I read somewhere that flying from Montreal, you get 23 KG checked and 5 KG carry on.

We once went to Cayo Guillermo in last 2 weeks of August because it was CHEAPO. It was stinking hot and a few torrential rain storms. But we have also gone to the same location in mid-December and it was freakin’ cold (9 Celsius). That was before we started going to the south. Now we go SOUTH for first two weeks in December and 2 weeks that cover the last week of March & first week of April. And for sure I wouldn’t go back to Cuba in summer months. I keep looking at travel prices dreaming of our December trip but so far, no deals to be found. But even if I did find a good price for the summer months, I wouldn’t book it. Our summer weather for the last couple of years has been iffy but keep hoping that Mother Nature will be good to us from May to October this year. Still waiting to hear back from her!!

I suggest that everyone look at your blog! Can’t believe that for the most part, you and Hubs lucked into such great casas. Every location, every casa, the good and the not so good. I’m still very envious!!!

Benni: I looked at that link a couple of days ago. Still doesn’t explain what we’re looking for. Last listing I believe is from 2011! And your review is a a couple of weeks ago. Your blog laid out where you stayed and how much you enjoyed it, or not. So I once again ask Admin where are the reviews? It seems as if the new "Debbie’s" is really NOT worth watching; why waste time looking for a recent review when we can’t find them? I was so excited by your itinerary and seeing the blog you wrote. I am so glad you guys enjoyed Cuba and sounds like a lot of adventure. Hope we can hook up if you ever go to southern Cuba. We could have a ball!

Benni: I know what you mean! I can’t find them either. We are either both computer illiterate or just dumb. And I personally don’t think that we are. So where are the reviews. Zee can you answer?

Geez Benni: I think as two couples we would really get along. My hubs is not so easy going; I do the planning in the house! But you and I have the same humour and I would love to meet B#2 (you’re B@1). If you guys ever decide to visit Ontario, let us know. You can bring the Newfie ‘screech’ and we’ll provide the Ontario ?? Sorry, I can’t think of anything that Ontario is known for – other than hospitality, good people, good food and laughter – OMG – I just described Maritimers!!!

Canuks: I’m quoting from the article hfxjohn linked for us; "This efficacy inspired some European countries and Japan to start clinical trials of their own, progress on which the U.S. had been woefully behind thanks to icy diplomatic relations with Cuba."I know the US/Cuba relationships are beginning to melt a teeny bit; but I don’t know what the relations Cuba has with other countries. You have a valid point; but knowing many researchers, all seem to have a universal pact that they share. And in Canada, it is very hard for ANY scientist to get funding from the government. It seems in the last few years a lot of research has halted, and those that continue are using private or corporate funding to continue. I can’t speak to what the UK is doing in the funding area. I hope someone here can speak up and give an opinion.I wish that wasn’t so in Canada. Canada is losing its most valuable assets in terms of all sciences to other countries. Remember the old "Canada’s Brain Drain" meaning Canadian talent going to the USA. It seems the tide has changed a bit and some Canadian researchers/scientists are coming back (don’t know the actual reason why). If our own government isn’t going to fund innovative research, what can we do? Cuba (at least to me) seems to provide a lot of their best to other countries for humanitarian reasons; and I know that Cuba benefits financially from the recipient countries; but the number of Cuban experts who come back to Cuba far surpass the number of defectors.

Thoughts anyone? Could be a lively debate (NOT argument).

Ditto times 4 = perfection. I really should look into emoticons; I never find them when I want them! But I know exactly what you’re saying. Best little island in the Caribbean to explore; always a surprise and you and Hubs learned it really early in your long travel to Cuba. We’ll have to start calling you guys B&B together. Still would love to meet hubs; he sorta intrigues me!! As do you – very adventurous and eager for new travel.

I read the blog. Sounds wonderful. Your review on Debbie’s isn’t up yet for Hostal Azul. Can’t wait to read it. I’m so glad you guys had ‘interesting times’. Can’t wait to see everything through your eyes.

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