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Hi, I’m searching for San Andres picture or pics of the San Luis decameron…if you have some, please could you send some to me. I’ve book a trip in San Andres for me and my boyfriend, but he don’t know, it’s his Christmas gift!!! So, i would like to give him some pics of the island, the hotel, and everything to explain to him that is its present …Thank’s for helping me!!!
Thank you very much sunlvr!!! And be sure I’ll get back to you as soon as I come back!See ya!


Hi everyone, I’m leaving in march for san Andres, we’re staying at the San Luis. I found some review of this hotel on the net, but they are old…did someone went at the San Luis recently, or at any of the ecameron??? What are the activity at the hotel beach (catamaran, seiling….???)How is the night life, what are the cool place in the city…

I want to know evrything!!!

Thank’s for your answer…and sorry for my bad english!!! Sunlover

I have book my trip to san andres for March, and the departure tax was included in the price of the package. I believe that they always make it now…

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