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Can anyone tell me where to find maps of resorts on this site? I am looking for one of Barcelo Huatulco. Thanks

I have been to other spots in Mexico and was interested in visiting Huatulco. Can anyone tell me which hotel and why they prefer. Looking for beachfront, good choice of food, friendly staff, some nightly music clean area. Many thanks in advance.

I only know that the Jazz bar is on the Luna side. I am going at the end of the month. If you have any other questions then I will be glad to answer for you.

Leaving on March 26 for this resort. First time at this resort. Very excited. Any tips/suggestions. Love Cuba……….have been to Cayo Guillermo last year and loved it there. Lovely people.

Does anyone know what side of the resort Sunwing passengers stay at. I read Transat are on the Mares side and Nolitours are on the Luna but can’t find out where Sunwing stay. Thanks in advance.

I agree……..Rui resort are just too HUGE for me……………..don’t seem to have that Carribean appeal

I noticed in the travel brochure that this resort contains two sections. Any preference for staying in the Mares side or the Luna side. I know you can use the facilities of both…. but not sure which side people prefer. Looking for an oceanview room. Any info appreciated

I love Mexico and have been to several areas but not Huatulco. Can anyone suggest any day trips from here. Read on another forum that someone said they experienced excellent snorkling in Huatulco. Any info on the area would be appreciated,,,,,,any suggestions for a resort……..on beach, variety of food, pool, Thanks in advance.

I too have been looking to buy some….couldn’t find them in Holguin or Cayo Guillermo. I bought a muddler at a kitchen shop as I watched them muddle the cane sugar a mint. If anyone knows where let us know. Thanks in advance.

The first time I ever had a mojito was at the Playa Pesquero in Holguin. Last year I also had them at the Iberostar Daiquiri…..delious. Ary took his time making it………just thinking about them makes me want to head to Cuba now

Has anyone been here lately. Can you suggest any half day snorkel trip..where and who with.
Any other trips that you enjoyed. Thanks in advance. Couldn’t find any list on this site under Grenada Tours

If I went to Roatan the end of Dec………..will I be in the rainy season. Anywhere I could check about the weather in DEc.

Has anyone stayed at this hotel as an all inclusive. I have never been to this island before and it doesn’t appear to have as many hotels as the Dominican, Cuba or areas in Mexico. If anyone can give any info re this hotel as far as location, beach, rooms or food it would be apprecited.

Have a great trip……..have a MOJITO for me. I have never been to this resort but it is on my list. Please let us know how your trip was when you return. Safe Travels!!!!!

I agree when I go on vacation and before me is a beautiful beach or inviting pool with magnificent palm trees the last thing I want to hear is pounding music that plays on and on. At 2 resorts in Mexico I experienced that. However what i loved about Cayo Guillermo was I could enjoy my surroundings and not feel like I was losing my hearing

I stayed at the ID for the first time this year……….I was amazed at the variety at the buffet and how the chefs created variety each day………also using spices, wine etc when show cooking. For the first time at a resort I didn’t care if I went to an alacarte.even the Mexican was very good. Each morning fresh pancakes and french toast was made.not cooked and sitting under a heat lamp. Eggs etc were made as requested. I’d return in a flash……….not a fancy place but yummy food, beautiful beach, lovely people and delious Mojitos.

Thanks…I really enjoy this site……so informative and I have gained many helpful hints before travelling.

Will the new owners be changing the name of the site??
I will want to continue reading and hearing more about Cuba so I will really want to know if there will be a new name to log on to. Thanks

One thing I found different at this resort…even though I loved it and would return in a heart beat was that there was never any toilet paper or soap in the washrooms. Even when at the first sitting at the alacartes restaurant the washrooms were never restocked. A little annoying…next time I’ll know. At other resorts in Cuba I never encountered this.

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