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Not sure why, he just wants to go there, he is terrified of Mexico with Canadians being killed there and I do remember him mentioning Puerto Plata, he must have heard about it from someone. For him, his dream vacation is beautiful resort, lots to do and explore, excursions and safety.

My hubby and I have our trip booked to Varadero for December, but I am thinking of booking his dream spot (never been) in the Dominican possibly for late March. Please help me pick the best destination and tips, as I have said we are new to traveling, but his dream has always been the ominican. Is march a good time to go? Are there any stand out resorts or excursions you recommend? Thanks for any advice!!!

I am sorry and I have said that this has helped me immensely!! All of the comments are so helpful and I appreciate all of your help!! Thank you all
Sorry for all the silly questions, but never having traveled before, I need to know!! So if my hubby and I are relaxing at the beach or pool, we of course will have some money, our phones and other stuff like sunscreen, etc. What do we do if we want to swim? Is our stuff safe at our chairs?

We are traveling to Varadero staying at the Brisas Del Caribe. It says 220v in the rooms. Do I need adaptors of any sort for my phones or laptop? Hair dryer or straightener?

Hi all!! I am brand new here and would really appreciate any advice or travel tips, etc. My husband and I are from Winnipeg, Canada and are travelling to Varadero on December 18th for one week at the Brisas Del Caribe. This is our first trip ever, we are 47 years old and want to make the most of it! We have booked the catamaran cruise excursion so far, that is our dream, swim with dolphins. Thanks in advance!!

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