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Its been a while but…..I really liked the room at PCV (we had a king bed) and I liked the boardwalk to the beach..lots of birds etc. Beach was very nice. And the food was the best we’ve had in Cuba. Layout was separate bungalow style buildings.But you just cannot beat Playa Esmeralda beach at SLM. Maybe the stairs down to the beach aren’t for everyone. Room was standard…food was good. And we loved it when they turned the beach restaurant into the disco at night…..great time. Luna and Mares are two sister resorts combined, I believe.Staff was great at both places….so for me PCV for the resort, but SLM for the beach!

Either of these resorts would deserve a repeat in my book.

It is for 2 people, two weeks…right Admin.

OK…so now I`m throwing Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco…into the list. Sunwing offer it March 30 for 2 weeks for $3788( Includes taxes and Insurance….) within my budget and sounds pretty good.

Terry…..2, me & hubby. We really do just ‘veg out’ and relax on vacation…beach is the most important.

Yes….. PCV was a great place….however, when I factor in $4200 + Ins…we’re looking at around $4500.Kawama is the cheapest at $3554 (incl. Ins.)Barlavento is next at $3752 (incl. Ins.)Brisas Guardalavaca Villa $3632 + Ins.This is travelling first 2 weeks in April.

I set $4000 as my max this time ( everything incl.)……so I’m really telling myself to "stay on budget"

Thanks Terry……I do like the proximity to town and the beach is very nice at Kawama. I think they have some renos going on this fall and winter….?
Decisions, decisions, decisions…….

Maybe some suggestions would help me choose, here is our criteria:- A+ beach- small, quieter resort (older is ok) but should be clean with a decent bed- budget minded- no interest in loud, constant entertainment (OMG…I sound like my Grandmother!) We turn in early and rise early.- be nice to get off resort a few times to see some ‘sights’- direct flight from Hfx.- Hopefully not too ‘kid friendly’..don’t mind them, but don’t want to be ‘over run’ with the little ones.- Food, a non-issueSo far I’ve looked at:- Brisas Guardalavaca- Gran Caribe Club Cayo Guillermo (old Cojimar)- Club Kawama, Varadero- ROC Barlaveto- Brisas CovarubbiasI was at Brisas Guardalavaca in 2000 and Iberostar Daiquiri (next door to Cojimar) so I know that area.We like to beachcomb, read, walk and do alot of ‘relaxing’

Any opinions would be appreicated…….thanks, Diane

I voted never also. Have been in mid-April…I am booking this week for April 2-16 next year at Breezes Varadero. My brother went in May once and found it much too hot.

Already researching where to go next trip. Looking at Cayo Santa Maria…something not too big. Maybe Sol Cayo SM…sounds like our kind of place.

Back from a nice 2 wk getaway…another snowstorm in NS today, another expected on Wed….sent my review of Memories Caribe in, so it should be up soon. Overall we liked the resort and ‘loved’ the beach (one of the best we’ve ever seen) Spent lots of time readng, walking, swimming and just ‘recharging’ ourselves.Tons of kids….too many for us to return here. No problem….there are lots of resorts to pick from and we like to try different places.

My storm chips have to be bbq kettle chips….love the hawkins cheesies, also…I’m gonna pack a few small bags. Got my 70% cocoa choc bars. Also taking a tin of cashews. We leave in 5 I’m in last minunte shopping mode…I gotta stop reading this post….too many munchie ideas.

No change for us because of the dollar. We also set a budget. Since we’ve done most of the ‘tours’ we like to stay on resort or just explore on our own in a taxi…and that’s pretty inexpensive.

Good luck getting back to work ‘GefM’…it’s always nice to have a trip to look forward to. We missed ours last year……4 more weeks and we head to Cayo Coco.

Agree with ‘eeeefarm’ on Guardalavaca area. Always lots to do (or not). I was going to suggest Club Amigo Guardalavaca (Tropical room or better). It’s priced affordably and lots of bars & dining options. Don’t know about the ss….

We stock up on reading material (magazines) and carry them in our carry-on. I also enjoy crossword & cryptoquote puzzzles. Or we strike up conversation with fellow travellers. Pray the delay isn’t too long .

Pic looks sooo good flygt…’s been awhile since we have a Cuban sandwich but I do remember having one at the airport (Holguin…I think?)….it had pork, mustard, lettuce & tomatoe….also had lots of ‘street food" when we were in Trinidad….I’m a carb lover and the bread was the best….

I going to make it a point to bring some back (if I can locate some in Cayo Coco area) Luckily, we get honey from a local ‘Beekeeper" who is just 5 miles away from us…..nectar of the Gods…

We have spent Christmas in the DR & Cuba a total of 6 times…it was our "usual" travel time, however, this time we go in late Feb. Xmas is just getting too pricey and coming home in early Jan. ….. there is still a whole lotta winter to get through…. and my pocketbook thanks me.
But I must admit I will miss our "Beach Christmas"….

Cayo Coco in Feb. to Memories Caribe. Been to the area before…like the laid back vibe. Hotels only a short drive from the airport. Quiet and relaxing…just what we need for our winter break.
Ditto ‘aeso’….we never went away last year either….really looking froward to this trip.

I don’t worry about hotel choice (I research for weeks before we book) For us…Cuba is an affordable beach vacation, only 4 hr. flight and excellent ‘bang for your buck.’ I have a ‘master’ packing list and follow it faithfully.
And, I agree, the beaches are the reason to go.

Thanks monctonguy……I sort of figured that was the "case"……I shall look for a new "old material" suitcase….one with the four wheels would be great.

I guess my fav would be the first one we visited SRLM….Playa Esmerelda beach is one of the best we’ve been to. We both like Cayo Coco area and tend to be drawn to smaller resorts.

Ok, I think it’s time for a new suitcase…..I looked at a few hardbody cases but are they as durable as they look? My old one is just a regular heavy material and it has survived about 20 trips…but the zipper is getting damaged… any of you have ‘experience’ with a hardbody??

What do you all take…a deet product? I have taken repellent but have never had a need to use it. However this trip to Memories Caribe ( I know they are surrounded by lagoons) I will pack my deet repellent.
Anyone had any luck with tea tree oil as a repellent? Or any other herbal/natural remedy?

Admin……..booked and paid Memories Caribe..countdown is on. Cannot wait to go. We really missed our Cuba trip last year.
Cuba still has the best prices for a carribean vacation.

What the heck…….since the price jumped… we may as well book a "better quality" resort (it’s all relative) So….change of plans…..we’re booking Memories Caribe Beach, Jr. Suite, Diamond Club.I hear they have a terrific wine bar, good entertainment, A+ beach and pretty consistent good reviews. Good price at $4300 (tx = ins. incld)

Covarrubias just sounded a bit "too rustic"

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