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You should try the Palladium they have what you are looking for. Although it is a large resort it is really nice. It is so large that even when at full occupancy you don’t even notice it.

I personally stay at the Kentenah section. It has the nicest beach. White Sands is too far from the nice section of beach for me. Many people love that section.

Looking at booking for this winter. Does anyone know if they have any evening dining where men can wear shorts. The hubby wears long pants all year and does not like to wear them on vacation. He does get dressed up with nice shorts and a nice shirt.

Does anyone know if I need a voltage converter (220-110) and or a plug adapter for a small clock I have? Thanks

Thanks Zendudette. Would you happen to know, if I need an electric converter or adapter 220 to 110 and plug difference is it round to our flat? I have a small clock that shines the time in the air and would like to bring it with me. Thanks again.

Decision made. Booked Iberostar Playa Alameda. The rest is left to the man upstaris as to weathear we will be happy. I think so because it is vacation time no matter what.

Sorry I don’t know the names of many resorts in Cuba, so when you say PVC, which resort is that. Thanks

Thanks valleyguy. I have had my eye on Ibero* Varadero and Ibero * Playa Alameda. I will look at Playa Turquesa. Whichever I choose I will let you know.

Well iggy1 you got it right on the nail. Which hotel did you stay at? Two hours in the evening and you don’t mean the shows, all I can say is wow! We don’t mind the buffet for exactly that reason and even the buffets in Cuba.

Help me to find a resort in Cuba.I would like the following things and not necessarily in this order.A nice beachCuban music (other than the shows) played in the lobbies in the day and night. This one is quite important.All inclusive

Thanks for any advice you can give. ;D

No. We were told they had good music. We love Cuban music and love to dance even if we are really not that good.

I you were to return to any one of the Ibero*s which one would you go to any why?

As in some other countries can you stay at one Iberostar and use the facilities of the others during the day?

Thanks. Do you think we could walk there from the Ibero* Varadero? How long a walk?

Does anyone know which hotel is the closest to this club?

Anyone been lately? Looking at going end of August. Any recent photos or info would be greatly appreciated. We love to listen and dance to Cuban music so live music (not the evening show) is a must.

no mistake if you chose the Bahia. Been there twenty yes 20 times. You can’t go wrong there. Vacations are what you make and not all if it is the hotel.

Every time something happens to a Canadian this topic starts all over again. My answer is have you read your local paper lately. How many dead and not reported.

I say go to Mexico so you can experience something different. Just keep in mind the beach is not the same. Mexico has the second largest reef compared to the great barrier reef so if you know in advance you will not be disappointed.

Get some pesos at your local bank and if you need more you can get them from a bank machine in mexico. I use bank machines in mexico they give pesos. Most machines will only accept a 4 letter or number code.

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