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I have stayed at the Brisas and the Costasur. Oddly enough I prefer the Costasur which is on the same strip, just closer to town (by a smidge). If you stay in a bungalow you will be right on their little beach. It is about 8CUC to get into town (if I remember correctly). Also, you can take the Cuban gua gua (I think that is how you say it). It is a nice coach bus that makes a few stops and goes into town at certain times. I think it cost 3 CUC. Sancti Spiritus is about 45 minutes away (if I remember correctly). We took a cab past there. It should cost less than $100.00 (much less as we took a van). I can’t say 742 is a good price or not.

Absolutely, that helps alot. This year we could only do 1 week in jibacoa, but were considering 2 and losing a few days to try out MLG. Loose plans are in the works to do MLG… We snorkel only. I see that you have been to Jibacoa, if you were a snorkeler, how would you rate the snorkeling at MLG compared to Jibacoa. (curious) I realize we would have to go out with the diving boat on their shallower dives…
Hope that you get to go to MLG and have a great time. Again, thanks for your reply.

Thanks I did look it up on a map and saw that Santa Lucia was the nearest ‘spot’. The reason would like to tag it with an all inclusive is to get part of the transfer paid for. This wouldn’t happen until next April / May if it happens at all so I’m kind of just dreaming and plotting. Plus, my espanol is just enough to get me into trouble but not out of it again.

If you search the rui yucatan you may find that they have monkeys.
personally when i was bit by the monkey at FI it turned me off.

Just came back. I emailed the customer relations to book the restaurants before we left and when we arrived the reservations were waiting for us at check in. I think Vivian was the customer relations person.

Does anyone know of the closest all inclusive resort nearest to Maria La Gorda. Reason that I ask is that I would like to do a 2 week all incl trip to an All Inclusive in Cuba and leave for a few nights to stay at Maria La Gorda. Would plan on getting to MLG by taxi. Don’t want to spend a whole week at the resort to start with and 3 nights would probably be a good sampling (I hope) of the snorkeling options that there are. Thanks for your help.

Has anyone booked sunwing to Breezes Jibacoa and know what the Advanced Reservations at the Restaurant means? Does it mean that you can email ahead or does it mean that when you get there you can book in advance? Thanks

please p.m. when you have a date and drop off location. I have 2 walkers (folding metal type) to go…

Florita; can you expand on the dance situation at the Breezes Jibacoa. We are planning to go there and I am hoping upon hope to have salsa lessons while I am there. Thanks

Give me a ticket today to Roatan and I would take it, no problem and I am a big scaredy-cat. I’m more scared about walking around the mean streets of Toronto than going there. Anyone want to give me their ticket

Well, certainly, any tour operator would be remiss not to consider picking up the Honduras charters with direct flights from at least but not limited to Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and perhaps Halifax?
(This sounds like a Christmas wish list:)

I sure hope that someone picks it up. Maybe someone from Air Canada Vacations will read this and decide that they should pick up where Conquest left off. A nice cushy flight with TV’s on the seat ahead of you and 100 lb luggage capacity sounds real good about now.

Just wondering if anyone has heard anymore about who is picking up travel packages to Honduras from Toronto. Does anyone know when the next batch of travel catalogues come out? Thanks

Hi, we spent one week in Utila and one week in Roatan this year. We stayed at the Utila Lodge and it was fabulous. We went there by little airplane from Roatan but returned via Captain Fine’s catamaran. Both were exciting. The catamaran was lovely. We were lucky to see whale sharks while on an excursion. (The Utila Lodge/Whaleshark Oceanic Research Centre and the Bay Island College of Diving) are all affiliated. When in Utila you must check out the Jade Seahorse gift shop. It is an unbelievable artistic effort. You can spend hours just looking at what this artist has done with cast off bottles and such. Good choice to go to Utila.

I wish that I could say oscillococcinum worked well for me but alas it did not. I took it at first sign of the bug, as recommended by my pharmacist and I was still very ill for about 10 days. After that episode (about 10 years ago) I ensure I get the flu vaccine each year when it comes out in Nov.

I bought some jellyfish repellant sunscreen from a dive shop. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, I still got stung but it didn’t stop me from snorkeling. I wore a dive skin (long sleeve) over my wetsuit which helped alot. How bad are the jellyfish when they get stuck in the reef?

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