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I personally don’t know of any, but try the facebook page in my signature link. They might be able to help.

That is a valid concern. If you like any particular crisps and other sweets then I would take those along. If you have any specific foods that you absolutely have to have, then those are a good idea as well.

It all depends on what you are looking for. They are economical but you will not get as great service and what not as you would at a five star hotel of some kind.You could also try asking on the facebook page in my signature link.

It is true that the reefs need to be protected. They are very delicate eco systems. That is why alot of scuba charters do not allow any diver to touch the reef.

If you manage to get a license and dive outside a marine reserve then you should not have any trouble. You may have to get a group together and charter a boat yourself though if you want to do that since most scuba places will only operate where the best sights are, a marine reserve.

I would suggest practicing in a pool first. It can be quite tough to convince yourself that you can actually breathe underwater.

I also agree that a proper flotation device is better, especially if she is nervous about the whole thing.

This is some really great info. THanks.

Anyone interested in this kind of holiday should also note that the general policy of divers and snorkelers is that you do not touch the reef!

That is probably going to be expensive. I hope you manage to get everything sorted out though.

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