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what do you like? Do you want to be in a gated community with all amenities, or do you like to be more away in the country?We went to Antigua in Feb. this year and so far it’s been one of our favourite destinations. We stayed in a studio though, so that won’t work for could decide to stay in Jolly Harbour, if you look on VRBO or Flipkey, there are plenty of houses and villa’s for rent. Jolly Harbour is a gated vacation development, with it bars/restaurants, a marina, a very nice beach, a few hotels and a well stocked grocery store. Houses/condo’s are usually located on one of the canals with a deck overlooking the water. It’s not too far from the capital and the airport and there are a few nice beaches close by as well.Another option is to look at Falmouth/English Harbour. We really enjoyed this small community, with a huge marina and also lots of restaurants/bars. It’s less resort-y than Jolly Harbour, but personally we liked it way better.There are rental options all over the island, if you really want to get away from it all, you could look into staying at the east / south east end of the island. Our favourite beach was there (Half Moon Bay) and there a few small towns, but it’s more remote.

Just check out sites like, and VRBO and you will find lots of rentals. Another page I found very helpful was Enjoy your planning!

I like the idea of having a Canadian Caribbean province, especially with an under par Canadian dollar. On the surface it’s a great idea, but there are those fine details that may make it less enticing (for example, would we need to upgrade the water treatment systems and hydro networks to bring them up to our codes?)

I hope so, that means my husband could get a job there and I wouldn’t have a problem living there either!

I know when we were in Negril, there was this band from Quebec that played almost every night and they weren’t really that good.
The hotel owner was from Quebec, so I’m not sure if they were related or what the deal was, but the band members were staying at the hotel as well.

I book everything on line, either directly with the airline or via Expedia (Airmiles shops), so I can add a few extra airmiles. If I pay with my credit card, I earn extra travel miles. I’ve used as well in the past, as well as Travelzoo.

A few years ago we walked into a travel agency and informed about flights to Shannon, Ireland. They gave us an idea about what route to go and a price. Back home, I checked online and saw the same flights for the same price, so I ended up booking online anyway.

no, we did not, as we thought too it would be a tourist trap. We did go to Shirley Heights during the day, to enjoy the view. If you decide to visit Shirley Heights one day, make sure you visit English Harbour on the same day, as they will charge you only one entrance fee. We didn’t know that and visited Shirley Heights one day and a few days later we went to English Harbour, where we had to pay again. We really liked English Harbour BTW .

On Sunday night, we went to ‘the Nest’ beach bar, on Valley Church Beach. They advertised they had a BBQ and a steelband, so we thought it would be more local. It was only the 2nd week they had that event and it was okay. Maybe it needs more publicity, because it wasn’t very busy. Not sure if they will do it next year.

So what were your favouritegrocery storesbeachesrestaurants

could you walk to beaches

awesome! I really hope you enjoy it as much as we did. – The Epicurean grocery store in Jolly Harbour is a short drive away (yes, I recommend you rent a car if you stay at Stoneyhill, Karol can arrange it for you). They have a decent selection of products, some days you have better luck with the fresh fruits and vegetables than other days. The imported products are quite pricey, as everywhere else in the Caribbean, but we tried to buy local stuff (the Yao yogurt for example is quite good) Alcohol is cheap too.- Our favourite beach was Halfmoon Bay, but that’s on the other side of the island and you need a car to get there. You have 3 beaches close by: Darkwood, Ffryes and Valley Church Beach, they all have their own beach bar too. Of those three, Ffryes was our favourite and yes, you are able to walk to all three. We did that the first day. It’s about 15 to 20 minutes walk, a bit longer coming back as you have to go up a steep hill. The Jolly Harbour beach was nice too and about a 10 minute drive away. – We didn’t eat out too much, usually we bought a salad and patties/roti’s at the Epicurean and threw them in the microwave, as we ate most of our lunches at a beach bar. THe last night we went for supper at Dennis’ (Ffryes beach, not the beach bar, but the separate restaurant higher up the hill). It was good and very reasonably priced.

There are lots of restaurants to choose from in the area, though. Let me know if you need more information!

Greece is big and every island is different. I was there with a girlfriend in 1995 and I’d love to go back one day.

Actually, one of my favourite things of the Caribbean (no matter where I go) is the first moment you get outside and smell the air. I love the tropical humid air.

Ok travel junky how about a favorite place? even that’s a tough one, I liked almost every place I’ve vacationed at, all for different reasons.Favourite places I’ve visited: Greece (when I still lived in Europe), Costa Rica, Ireland, the west coast (Vancouver Island, the Washington coast), Costa Rica and this year Antigua.
we stayed for 12 days at Stoneyhill Studio Apartments and if we ever go back to Antigua, we’ll definitely stay there again (just Google the name, their own website comes up as well as TA reviews). Prices were very reasonable and the owners were the best hosts we’ve come across.

Yes, there were mosquitoes but not more or less than anywhere else we’ve been.

I came across some pics of SVG, without knowing where they were taken, but I was in awe! When I found out it was SVG, I made a note to myself to go there one day.

We liked Antigua a lot when we were there, a few weeks ago, so maybe we can island hop and make it a combination trip sometime in the future.

I’m not big on AI’s, they’re just not my thing, but we went to a few in the past. The nicest one was H10 Ocean Coral/ Turquesa (not sure anymore what the name was) near Puerto Morelos, Mayan Riviera. I still wouldn’t stay there for 6 months, though!

dream vacation in the Caribbean? Taking a year off and island hop. I’ve been to several places in the Caribbean, but I would like to see more of them.

Busman, I just stumbled upon the Corn Islands not too long ago, while researching Nicaragua. They sure look interesting. For our next vacation I just can’t seem to make up my mind to go either Belize, Nicaragua or Panama. The San Blas Islands are high on my wish list as well.

I think it is overall more rain

you’re probably right. We just came back from Antigua 2 days ago and we had rain every day (short showers, but still)

Have a safe trip home!
I’m sure you won’t mind me picking your brain a bit when you return.

No, not at all!

So, we’ve been here in Antigua for 8 days now (we’re leaving on Thursday) and I absolutely love the island. The beaches are great, the people are friendly and we’ve been touring around the island in our rental car. I think that it’s my favourite island so far!However, again….it’s not cheap being here. A Carib beer usually cost US $4 in a bar or restaurant, a Wadadli is $3 but the bottle is smaller. A rum punch is $6. If we have lunch at one of the many beach bars, it costs us about US $30 (two meals and two beers, but portions are pretty small here). We prefer just to pick up some stuff at the grocery store and actually the best lunch we’ve had was at the Roti King in St. Johns.

But hey, we’re on vacation and it’s at least 55 degrees Celcius warmer than back home!

I agree that Cubans are very friendly and no, we’re not resort people at all. In fact, we prefer to stay at non AI’s if we can, however we did stay at a resort back then.It’s probably the poverty and the state of the buildings and such, that I find depressing. Just my opinion though, it reminded me a lot of eastern Europe before the wall came down. I have to admit too, that Varadero has the nicest beach I’ve seen on my travels. Anyway, it’s been 7 years since we’ve been to Cuba and things may have changed, I don’t know.
an hour of shoe less in an airport and going through a ‘nude’ scanner or a week (or more) in a depressing country!

Like I said, I’ve only been to Cuba once and maybe we’ll go again one day, but so far I prefer Mexico (not Cancun or Mayan Riviera) over Cuba.

Dax, I appreciate your comparison about food and snorkeling, I can see where you’re coming from. Both my husband and I are not passionate about food (or snorkeling for that matter), so it’s not that important to us if the food is outstanding or not. As long as we find something decent to eat, it’s all good.It makes me think though, why I like Mexico better than Cuba(besides the fact that I caught salmonella in Cuba, which was very unlucky, but I realize it could have happened anywhere).

It was the whole atmostphere, I think. After all it’s still a communist country and I found it a bit depressing.

the Memories resort is very close to opening, but they’re not there yet. My colleague just returned from Freeport 2 days ago and they were supposed to stay at Memories. What I’ve heard, they could use some bars and restaurants, but their rooms were next door (sorry, forgot the name of the resort next door)But they had a direct flight with Sunwing from Edmonton and apparently the price wasn’t too bad. More expensive than Mexico or Cuba for sure, but at least it’s something different too.

About renting a house/condo, that’s our preference when we travel (we don’t like to be ‘stuck’ at the resort), but it’s not always cheaper. It all depends on the country.

Been to Cuba once (also at the Barceló Solymar, not really a party resort at the time, but not a 5 star either) and numerous times to Mexico. That sums it up, I think!

I wouldn’t mind going back to Cuba, but it’s not high on my priority list. To be honest with you, the only place in Mexico I’d go back to in a heartbeat is Huatulco. Although I’ve been to the Mayan twice, I wouldn’t go back. Too commercial and too ‘North American’ for my taste.

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