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I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as we did! Merv and Karol are great hosts!

Go a bit further north then Bucerias, there’s another Decameron in Rincon de Guayabitos, about an hour north of PV! If you want to go the all inclusive way. Huatulco is really nice too.

Our favourite islands in the Caribbean were Barbados and especially Antigua, very laid back.

Mine gets dumped right away(depending on arrival home time) everything get washed and the rest along with case gets put on the deck to "air" out for a few days. Then packed up to wait for the next trip. As desmei says, start looking at Trip Central for the next one. LOL same here. We just came back from 2 weeks in Thailand last night, and I’ve unpacked the suitcases already and the first load of laundry will be done in a few hours.

But I’ve already checked the travelsites too to see if there are any good deals out there!

I don’t believe Belize is a typical Alll Includive destination. We’ve been on planning on going there for a few years already, but still haven’t gone yet, it’s definitely high on our bucket list!

You may look into Ambergris Caye or the Placencia area, but I’m sure someone else can give you more advice.

La Crucecita (Huatulco)

Maroma Beach (Mayan Riviera)

Beach at Chacala (Pacific Coast)

Sunset at La Penita del Jaltemba:

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Morelos (Mayan Riviera)

It’s a great vacation spot, I’d totally go back one day. I know they always say that Jamaica is not a safe place to go for tourists, but we didn’t stay at an All Inclusive and walked all along the beach, to the cliffs and on the roads and never felt unsafe. The one day we hired a driver who took us to the Black River Safari, YS Falls and Floyd’s Pelican bar, which was a real fun trip. Maybe next time we’ll visit the Appleton Estate, who knows.

I loved the beach in Negril, besides Margaritaville (where we didn’t even go), there are tons of other places you can have a bite or a drink. The beach is long, but not very wide in some spots. But it’s just a great place for sightseeing and strolling along the shore line.

haha, I see. Both hubby and myself are pretty much introverts, so we only socialize with other guests to a certain level!

how do you find those other guests with the same interests? Just curious, like I said we’ve been to a few AI’s before in the past, but usually we don’t mingle too much with other resort guests.

I can totally see your point and I think it all has to do with what you want in a vacation (or for us it’s actually more the difference between ‘vacation’ and ‘travelling’.)For me, a big part of the fun is researching the country, the different places to stay, finding out about transport etc. I think as a solo traveler and also if you go on vacation with kids, AI’s are the way to go. It is very convenient just to eat and drink whenever you feel like it, if you don’t like the food, you can leave it, without feeling too bad about it and it’s handy not to bring your wallet to the restaurants.For us, we found that basically most AI’s are about the same, it’s hard to distinguish an AI in Mexico from one in say Cuba or the Dominican. We prefer to see more of the countryside, experience local cultures, local restaurants and markets etc. I know, you can do that too if you stay at an AI, but usually that’s a one day organized excursion and we really don’t like those organized trips. The other thing we’ve found too, that when you stay at an AI and you take say 2 or 3 excursions in a week, you pay double for those days (you pay for the excursions plus the day at the resort, even though you’re not there).

I’m not saying there is a wrong or right way about it, just a different opinion

What do you prefer and why? Does it make a difference to what country/island you’re travelling to in order to make the decision to go all inclusive or not? The first few times we travelled south, we stayed at All Inclusives, just because it’s so easy and convenient to book them as a package! But after 3 or 4 different AI’s, we decided it’s not really for us and from then on we book our flights and accommodations separate.

I’m just curious to see what the reasoning is for you to book either All Inclusive or not.

why is this contest under the Cuba forum? I was looking on the website first to find it, and wasn’t able to. I then opened the link in the email I received and noticed it was under Cuba (where I usually don’t write). Can it be moved to the general section?!

Which Alejandro would that be? The one behind the bar or the towel guy? I vacationed there with a girlfriend in April 2009 and I agree, it’s a really nice hotel, even though I’m not a fan of All Inclusives!**I just looked at the pictures and it’s the Alejandro who used to be at the swim-up bar, I believe.

I always buy the travel size toiletries anyway and keep most of them in my carry on! Whatever I need while I’m away, I just buy it at the destination.

always backpacks here too, at least my small laptop fits in one. About losing luggage: we’ve had it in Barbaods, when only my husbands suitcase arrived. Good thing that we usually divide our stuff over two suitcases, so I did have some clothes and swimsuits. It showed up two days later at our apartment, though.

I’m afraid that a lot of people will only bring (big) carry-ons, instead of normal luggage, now that the airlines are charging for the first checked bag.

I can understand a few of them, but then….when those ‘locals’ travel to other destinations, do they behave any different from the tourists in their own area?
AT used to have direct flights from Edmonton to Panama for the last few years, but it looks like they’ve stopped flying there from western Canada. Which means that now we have to either fly over Toronto (Air Canada) or over Houston (United). I’ve sent AT an email about it, but so far I haven’t heard anything back, not that I’m really surprised It was probably not profitable enough to fly directly from western Canada, they’ve cut the direct flight to Liberia, Costa Rica as well.

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