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Hello everyone,I would like to travel to the Mayan Riviera in November. Can someone recommend suitable hotel for a solo traveller(female early 40’s)? I am not looking for a party hotel with 16 year olds getting drunk but I don’t want to be completely surrounded with honeymooners and seniors all week either. I am looking to spend no more than about $1000-$1200 for the package(leaving from Toronto).Thank you
We are going to Barbados for the first time on May 17 for 10 days. I have tentatively booked the Hilton Barbados. I have read that this hotel went through some major renovations.Has anyone stayed at this hotel recently?We are not necessarily looking for an all inclusive resort(we know it is expensive) and we want some place that offers lots of sports and activities. I have read in few places that the water can get quite choppy even on the South and West Coast. The Hilton seems to be located in a cove so I don’t know how choppy the water gets there. We would be grateful to any feedback.

I am actually in Hartford, CT so I can fly from either Hartford, Boston or any one of the three airports in the New York area.

I was looking for the same answer. I just moved from Canada to the US and I am trying to figure out who are the tour operators and if there is a website similar to or I have heard of Apple Vacations but there must be other tour operators that serve the caribbean. I have also checked the vacation departments of the airlines but their prices are not that good of a deal.

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