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Looking for places close to Playa del Carmen with free wifi in the rooms

Too bad I have the wrong Scotia bank card

Is that through their Credit Card Spunky

Just wondering what sites people use to book vacations, I usually go threw the hotel and airlines directly but have noticed is cheaper than going threw the hotels websites that I have checked

Sounds like a good name for a western movie

Sorry couldn’t resist

Thanks Admin GBP is a bit big to our liking we went to the one in Rio San Juan and thought it was too big, Bryan, Jamaica was something we where thinking of but beach walking is our main activity and Negril doesn’t have a hospital close by (yet)also I don’t sing in the shower I hear that divorce can be nasty

YVRck one of our friends who has been to Mexico a few times told us that it was in the olding days for the bad water, last time we were in Mexico was 1990, also I have a problem with keeping my mouth shut when in the shower I think that is how I got sick in the DR in 2005

Bryan I heard some of the AI have but I haven’t been able to verify it, also the resorts in town are on city water according to a response I got from a resort

Thinking of Playa del Carmen YVRck it has to the a couple of good hospitals, now to find a place with good tap water any ideas ?

YVRck what do you think of Tulum

Thanks YVRck what are the beaches like are they long and walkable

Just starting my research into possibly staying in this area, looking for a hospital nearby in case, drinkable tap water, nice pool, doesn’t have to be right on the beach but must have access to a long stretch of beach, would be going in February, does this sound like any place you know of

Never really had problems with claims(knock on wood)also that’s good to know Canuks

Well we have booked our flight to go back to Barbados, hopefully Cuba can get their Health care for visitors in better shape so we can go back to Cuba, here’s hoping

Allianz global (part of Sunlife) retired fed employee here kept my Health insurance when I left

Thanks everybody I am able to travel but it is a travel requirement for me now, I have insurance that allows me to travel as long I have been stable for 40 days(in writing from insurance company)prior to travelling, so just in case I look for medical services where we are going, I had trouble a couple years back in Barbados and everything turned out okay, last year nothing happened.

What I saw was a pretty good deal for three weeks in February

Too bad I was so looking forward to going back to Cuba I guess I will have to look at the pictures only

Thanks flygt that’s good to know that it is there in case something happens. I wonder if anybody on here has dealt with the clinic before

Anybody know if this clinic can handle anything serious like a heart problem if it occurs

Is the new International going up beside the old one, just looked at booking there for next February but really don’t want to stay in a construction zone

Yes, all at the end of the peninsula are the newer ones are. Memories is down there too, I think that was new in 08 or 09, but was Sirenis la Salina or something back then. Also the RIU is down there and is fairly new.This new one about half way down, looks like it is going to consist of both a big hotel building, but also some smaller villas.

Hotel international is going to look amazing…if it looks anything like what the "picture" on the sign looks like…lol

Half way down is that before the golf course or after

Ocean Varadero el Patriarca is new, as is the Melia Marina Varadero. The Iberostar Laguna Azul was either just opening or near completion when you last visited. Are they all located at the end of the Peninsula

Interesting a new Hotel International

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