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Hello everyone,Miami beach is perfect for just relaxing since it’s nice and calm, Basheba is the place for hardcore pumping water rolling waves look like very nice, The beach was amazing- the water was warm and calm and the sand was super soft. The staff out raking the beach a few mornings a week too, Barbados crime rate is low so safe to walk out in the evening or take a nice drive through the country. It’s near the port so a lot of people from the ships go there. Royal palm is good. I also hear Sonesta is good, but not sure whether it all. The weather here quite hot and cool here, Prices in food vary where you go and what you have for lunch. Hope it helps.Thanks and Regards

Will Ferrell

Hello,Thank you and your question is so valuable. In my point of view Jamaica and Puerto Rico are the favourite Caribbean vacation destination.Hope this information help you.Best Regards

Will Ferrell

Hi friends,I am planning my honeymoon in Cuba and Playa Ancon was recommended. Unfortunately it appears the only hotel available is Brisas Trinidad Del Mar which has some scary reviews. Being a honeymoon, I do want it to be special and hence chose what I presumed was a more secluded part of Cuba with beach and culture. Are there any alternatives I should look at rather?Thanks and regards,

– Will Ferrell.

Hello,Not all flights are fully booked these days and it isn’t unusual for spare seats to be available – don’t be scared of asking if you can use them. The cabin crew will want your kids to be comfortable as much as you do after all.ThanksWill Ferrell

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