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going for 2 weeks in December – have only been to Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica, so don’t know the layout for Montego Bay.
Any must-sees or advice for when we’re there?

I vote for the Cubata as well; but for a novice the idea of working through the drink menu is certainly a good choice.

Most of the Toronto hotels will charge more than their best ‘internet’ rate if you want to park, but it is still a good deal. You have to phone their 800 number to book, don’t do it on-line or you may find the parking is all gone when you arrive.

Why take wine at all? Most of the resorts have perfectly acceptable wines from Chile, Argentina, Spain, even Australia. Oh, and it’s included in the price.
Now, a special bottle for a special occasion, yes,

no ‘adjoining’ rooms at Sandals if you mean the kind with a connecting door in between so you can go from one room to the other without going outside.

different airlines do it different ways, but you always need to have your ‘essentials’ with you in a carry on bag.

"the Azul is not scheduled to open now until the end of October."……. is one post over at TripAdvisor.Here’s another:

"The people i am in contact with in Varadero one hour ago were just recently told that Dec 1st may be a reasonable expectation for them to be able to start work at the new resort."

I think the confusion rests on what resort you’re talking about. At Sandals all the guests are invited to the Manager’s Cocktail Party, then there is a conceirge cocktail party another night, and then there is a returning guests dinner another night.

But, I agree: " Dos ron ponch por favor !! "

I’me all in favour of ‘strip frisbee’ but think that you guys are forgetting the reason for a
‘manager’s cocktail party’ – which is to promote the resort!!!!!

Shirleyujest: here’s how they are great:The manager’s cocktail party on Tuesday is a chance to meet some guests who have never been there before, and to win some great giveaways if your ticket number is pulled.The conceirge cocktail party on Wednesday has the best selection of top grade liquor I have ever seen in Cuba, as well as good hors d’oeuvres and some entertainment brought over just for the conceirge guests, as well as some giveaways.

The returning guests party on Thursday has an exclusive menu from the resort chef, and of course a chance to meet and greet people who you may have only seen at the resort in previous visits.

Sandals Royal Hicacos has a Manager’s cocktail party every Tuesday, a conceirge cocktail party every Wednesday, and a returning guests party every Thursday.

I wouldn’t miss any of them if I was there – they are great!!!

Try Sandals Royal Hicacos in Varadero, which is not only adults, but is couples only. Makes a huge difference in the atmosphere of the resort.

We were surprised one year when we realized that the bags the gifts we gave Cubans in were just as big a gift as the item itself. Ever since then we always give gifts in reuseable bags.

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