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Hello allWe are planning a trip to Costa Rica in March 2015. I like to plan/book well in advance. I have done research on diving here but I seem to get more and more confused every time it try to plan. My questions are:1. Is the pacific side truly a better place to dive?2. Where is a decent (smaller) town or village that we could stay in to access snorkelling, diving, and jungle tours?3. Does anyone have any "must sees" they highly recommend? 4. Are there any scams that are prevalent in Costa? Taxi’s, smash and grabs, anything of the like?Any and all input is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for all the input. We figured a good place to drop everything off was the church in Veradero. We do have quite a lot of medical supplies as well, but I do like to think of the kids getting a little something for themselves. We have push trucks for the boys and lots of pencils and supplies for the schools. I honestly couldn’t see these gifts being a problem with the officials, but we have never been there so I didn’t want to take a chance.

One last question….does anybody make cash donations to the church in Veradero. Would the money go to the church do you think or would it help with the people in need after the hurricanes?

I have been reading some of the past posts. While reading one post (page 27 or thereabouts) they were talking about taking gifts. Somebody was concerned about taking things down which would look "suspicious" to the officials checking the bags. I have bought all kinds of books for the schools and teddy bears and small clothes which are sooo obviously not for us (lol) that there will be no doubt we are taking them down for the locals. Will we have trouble when we land? Will they give us grief or take these away from us before we can donate them?

We leave on Wednesday and have never been there before. Any input would be appreciated, thanks.

Wow, thanks for the responses, both of you guys. We’ll probably do the Rambo tour now and I was really surprised by the gold and appreciate that word of advice in a big way! We’ve been to Mexico and they have the silver so I thought it might be plausible.

Thanks again!

1. Has anyone done the "Rambo tour?" We are in our late 40’s and in "average" condition. We like to walk but being city people our walking is usually on flat ground. Since we live in Saskatchewan it tricky finding hills even, lol. Anyway, I read a post about this tour and it sounds pretty grueling. Would anyone recommend this tour to a couple of adventurist couch potatoes?2. Does Cuba really have great prices on gold. I have been hearing that gold is fairly inexpensive there, but cannot find anything concrete on the internet.

You guys seem to have a great little forum here. I have been "watching" all of you for a few weeks now.

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